1. N

    Really cheap specs offer. 2 pairs, £15 incl. del. Ends Sunday midnight.

    From MSE, 2 pairs of prescription glasses for £15 delivered. I've just ordered. I make nothing out of this, just thought it was a ridiculously good deal, even if you just use them as spares or leave them in the glovebox, shed, 2nd car etc. Glasses Direct voucher codes, Discount codes & Deals -...
  2. B

    Au pairs

    Sorry I know this is not mumsnet but looking for some non mum perspectives. Has anyone had much experience with this scheme that might have any tips to share? Have done second interviews now with two very different but lovely girls, one German one Spanish, and really struggling to make a...
  3. Murff

    Bluetooth- phone no longer pairs!!!

    Hi, up until yesterday the Bluetooth telephony in my 58 W211 worked fine. Now my phone can longer find the cars bluetooth, even though the command system says ready. Does this mean the Bluetooth module is knackered? If so are they easy to replace? I have no idea where it is. Cheers in advance
  4. J

    Change springs in pairs???

    just had my c200 fly through the NCT with no problems :) did advise however that my rear driver side spring is corroded and may need replacing soon so...... do i replace one or a pair? im guessing a pair, great excuse to lower this bad boy
  5. grasmere

    suicide (dive) bomber pidgeons - in pairs

    Any ornithologists out there that may be able to explain this please? My wife, Sue, noticed yesterday a mark on an upstairs window that looked like an imprint of a bird that had hit the window smack on, complete with feather details of chest and wings. Bizzarre we thought . . . This...
  6. Alfie

    ML Tyre replacement pairs or all 4?

    Does anyone know offiically what the procedure for replacing tyres on an ML is? Can I do them in pairs or do I have to do all four. Seems harsh to replace four when only one is damaged. any advice greatly appreciated.
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