1. W

    Pammy - happy Birthday

    You've not been on for a while, but a very happy Birthday to you anyway :)
  2. BaldGuy


    You still around chuck?? Havnt seen any posts from you for ages.... The forum has seemed to have lost quite a few of its original members.... Shame.... GW
  3. portzy

    Happy Birthday Pammy.

    Wishing you all the best. Sorry I could not get there on Saturday, I had to play at taxi's for the return trip from the Flately gig (:crazy:). Look forward to seeing you soon though. :bannana::bannana::bannana: Portzy. XXX
  4. UnMarked

    Pammy's getting me a new hoover seeing as i've worn the last one out!

    The modern man's dream machine :D :D
  5. UnMarked

    Is Pammy thinking of playing away?????

    I know I'm standing into danger here but I feel I should share this conversation: Driving through a provincial town on Wednesday with Pammy my attention was drawn to a yellow SLK with it's roof down in a nearby car dealership. I glance at The Boss and say "you looking at the Merc?" to which...
  6. GrahamC230K

    Pammy's SLK in the Dales

    Nice pics and the car really looks great. Got that just right look about it. I think the larger wheels have really transformed it.
  7. Ian B Walker

    Pammy thinks she is 21 again today

    Happy Birthday chuck. Yeah I know, birthdays come along too often at your age :devil:. Happy Birthday :bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana: have a great day, you deserve it.
  8. stats007

    One for Pammy

  9. P

    Happy Birthday Pammy.

    Happy Birthday Pammy !!! Just seen its your birthday today Pammy so have a great day..and its friday too....What are you going to do ? hindsight, sorry, I shouldnt ask as I hate people asking me ! There is always an expectation of others that you will be doing something grand and exciting...
  10. PJH

    Pammy, Bearface and others

    Tuesday is Yorkshire Day !
  11. Flyer

    Italians put Pammy into orbit

    :eek: clicky ;)
  12. Steve_Perry

    Happy Birthday to Pammy & Paul Grainger!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both Pammy and Paul Grainger!! :D :bannana: :cool: Have a good 'un today and hope you don't have to work too hard. S.
  13. gary350

    Pammy I told you so

    Mazda are set to unveil the new tin top folding roof MX5 at the london motor show in july, What Car (july) page 41 if you are browsing in smiths. gary
  14. scumbag

    question for Pammy

    Is it me, or is the weather round here bonkers today? got the video strapped into the car, dawdled off to the dealers Via Hotton and over them hills ect. Both with roof up down to see what difference it makes. went back via Skipdale all the way with roof off. got home about 3.45. 3.51...
  15. L

    Pammy parking

    Found some undercover video footage of our beloved Pammy having a bash at parking after her normal spirited drive home;)
  16. glojo

    Pammy... Do NOT look here!

    Hi Pammy :) Sorry about posting this, but lets pretend your a brunette :) The Blonde Year In Review January - Took her new scarf back to the store because it was too tight. February - Ordered new drapes for her computer because it had windows. March - Got excited when she...
  17. Kinky

    Pammy - you causing trouble again?,,50001-1201359,00.html
  18. R

    Pammy dont try this at home! PLEASE!
  19. pammy

    Pammy's SLK

  20. Steve_Perry

    Sorry Pammy, it's official... And from the BBC too, so it must be true. :devil: :p Actually, the piece reminds me of Harry Enfield and one of his classic Chummondly (sp?) Warner sketches. S.
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