1. pmcgsmurf

    WANTED: E55 W211 Saloon Silver Pan Roof (may consider E63)

    Hi folks I'm on the lookout for a W211 E55 Saloon, must be silver, must have Panoramic roof. Looking for around 100k mileage, full history (documented receipts) with around 4 owners maximum. May consider an early E63 depending on mileage & cost.
  2. C

    MB Mold Lubricant A0009893660 - sliding pan roofs, cabriolet etc

    MB Mold Lubricant A0009893660 - 30ml bottle - unopened For use on - sliding pan roofs, cabriolet roofs and rubber joints. Retail is approx. £40 - I have 2 bottles for sale at £20 posted. Pleas email me at : [email protected]
  3. F

    Pan roof

    Hi All, Anyone tell me the correct grease/lubricant to use on the rails of my pan roof please? Thanks
  4. ACID

    722.9 Transmission Pan Bulk Buy

    Hi all, Have 5 722.9 Transmission Pans here in stock. Doing them at £500 for a bulk buy if anyone is interested. Acid
  5. Lee C63

    Weistec transmission pan- Group Buy (MSL Performance)

    Seems like us lucky AMG owners could have a few opportunities to get some Weistec goodies in the next few months. Spoke with Acid today and there is a opportunity for us to purchase the Weistec Transmission pan for 425 UK pounds delivered (so that's all delivery and customs charges paid) They...
  6. ACID

    C63 Transmission Pan

    A Weistec Engineering Transmission Pan Installation today @ MSL Performance. Being fitted to a C63 AMG, little project going on to see what the realistic advantages of having it on has on the car apart from the obvious.
  7. MicB

    Pan European Breakdown Cover

    In the past I have insured with RAC on a trip by trip basis for mainland Europe but for the next twelve months I am going to be outside the UK for enough time to warrant annual cover. MrsB and I are members of the RAC for UK breakdown cover for any car, driver or passenger, so I had...
  8. Optimus prime

    Gearbox Pan Gasket Leaks - Check it!

    Probably been mentioned before but serious enough to say it again. The pan gasket on my E63 MCT gearbox failed 6,000 miles after a gearbox service & had it not been for the fact that it was in the air at EMP for exhaust work I would never of known as the drips when stationary were almost zero...
  9. T

    Transmission maintenane (old vs new pan?)

    Hi, My W220 S500 (7 speed automatic) was made in may 2003. So, I think that it has the outdated transmission pan. I think that there are several upgrades available including the pan which is slightly curved at one end. I recently replaced the oil, gasket and filter. I bought the gasket and...
  10. N

    2007 b180 cdi transmission pan gasket

    Recently ordered and received new Transmission Filter Kit including gasket and upon dropping the fluid pan discovered that the old gasket was totally different to the new one received. New one was totally rubber construction with ridging around the edge and certainly didn't fit on to the...
  11. H

    W639 transmission pan torque

    Hi I'm looking for some help please. I have changed the transmission fluid on my 59 reg W639 Vito auto but can't find the torque setting for the drain plug and pan bolts. Is there someone who can tell me please?
  12. johns E350

    Pan roof

    Got my E350 coupe last week end and it had to go straight back to mercedes as the pan roof jammed up getting it back today Thursday been told it had over £2000 of work done as they had to take the roof lining out to fit new blind & motors etc can't wait to get it back now
  13. E

    Lower oil sump pan

    Hi, Found this site useful and after some advice/help please. Just bought a 300td (1999) and the jack slipped causing a crack in the lower oil pan:( Where could I get a replacement and does the suspension/engine mount need to be moved to replace as I am getting conflicting info. when...
  14. ringway

    Once owned by MBClub Member? W203 220 CDI SE 3dr Auto, Pan Roof, Evo Pack & Leather.

    Hi everyone, Was this 203 once owned by a forum member? LINK. I ask the question because it has been looked after by PCS. Mrs Ringway's brother is thinking of buying it (his first MB) so any information would be much appreciated. TIA. Paul.
  15. diandave

    Auto gearbox sump pan

    C 220 CDi W204, What is the gearbox plug in the oil pan, a torx or allen key?
  16. B

    Comand Online to support Bluetooth PAN next year

    For those with an iPhone you may be interested in this link of a translation of a German interview with Johann Jungwirth from MB. Article Link Also, it would seem iOS 6 will come with Bluetooth MAP support so theoretically Comand will be able to access text messages when iOS 6 is released...
  17. D

    S210 under engine cover / skid pan

    My under engine cover has gone missing !!! so I need to find a replacement I require the cover that is under what looks like the oil sump/transmission. Car is S210 2002 Avantgarde. I assume W210 fits too however must be from afacelift w210/s210 as pre face lift wont fit.
  18. robgosty

    Clicks from pan roof (losing the love)

    Like it says above, clicks and pops from pano roof when going over bumps, have searched and done all the fixes, greased runners, siliconed rubber seals, made no difference, really fed up with this now to the point of getting rid of car, anyone have any ideas ? 2004 E320 cdi 120k
  19. P

    Torque settings for w124 gearbox oil pan

    Hello I am renewing the oil pan, seal and filter on my w124 E220- 1995 Auto Box. Can anyone tell me the settings to torque down the bolts as I have heard that over - tightening can warp the pan and cause leaks. Is my understanding correct? regards Paul
  20. T

    C55 Oil change with 6L drain pan!

    Gonna drop the oil in my C55 tomorrow, which holds 8.5l. I only have a 6l catch pan. As the car has the two sump plugs I am guessing I should be okay if I do one sump at a time and decant into coke bottles. Anyone got any experince of this? Don't want to end up with a nasty stain on the drive!
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