1. H

    Winscreen wiper trim/rain panel

    Hello I am trying to service the windscreen wiper motor on my C180 (2001) The motor is under a fullwidth plastic rain collector which seems impossible to remove. I have look all over Utube and google without any indication of how to remove it. Does anyone have any idea of how to remove the...
  2. S

    2011 w204 estate rear door panel removal

    Hi everyone, just seeing if anyone can help me. I have a 2011 face lifted c350 cdi estate. Does anyone have a guide to removing the rear interior door panel? Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Richard1973

    W210 instrument panel repair

    Hi, can anyone recommend a company who can repair the lcd displays on my W210? Have tried the packing out with rubber option and it has restored the temp gauge but not the gear/ clock display. Burton-on-Trent area ideally. Thanks. Sent from my SM-T365 using Tapatalk
  4. eddie007

    500e panel

    HI, does anybody know where I can buy new/used drivers rear qtr panel its the small part fits under wheel arch base towards rear door. also trying to source the correct part number. thanks
  5. Benzowner

    Rear Panel NTG 2 Comand

    Trying to find a bit more info on my comand NTG 2 and have come across three connectors on the rear. Top one is RF so assume radio frequency, bottom is GPS and the middle one of ZF. What does ZF stand for?
  6. MD5

    R129 climate control panel refurb

    Can anyone recommend any companies in the UK that repair/refurb R129 climate control panels please?
  7. M

    W204 Inner Mudguard Panel

    Hi, Anyone know where a good place for genuine mercedes parts . Looking for the panel inside wheel arch with a little flap on the front that protects the wheel arch from road splash. Ebay have them for £40ish but would prefer a new one from a reputable company. Gus
  8. C

    E63 Panel Filters

    Anyone know if panel filters will make any difference on the 5.5 biturbo engine in terms of power, or noise.......or am I just being 19 again?
  9. CreosoteChris

    W124 Climate Panel / Console Illumination - From Bad to Worse

    Some time ago (months actually, but now winter is here it’s annoying me) the gearshift indicator illumination on my C124 failed - so I decided to fix it yesterday. I dug out my bag of those little crummy bulbs used for instrument and switch illumination, and removed the centre console trim /...
  10. B

    Center panel electrics

    Hi everyone, always feel slightly cheeky asking a technical questions as my first post, but--- recently got myself a 2000 CLK 230 cab, love it! but :( there is some various intermittent faults regarding the complete center panel (windows, boot release, esp etc) wherein sometimes, more...
  11. W124newbie

    W124 kick panel

    Looking for a W124 kick panel (also called insulation by MB) on the passenger side, as ours seems to have mysteriously disappeared at some point. Preferably black though if it's grey it shouldn't make too much difference as you can't see it anyway. Here's a picture for reference of what's...
  12. T

    Air Con Control panel on 2003 CLK320 (209)

    Hi. I was removing my panel to get behind my radio. while disconnecting the air con panel, one of the connections broke. There are 2 connectors on the rear of the panel, large and small. It was the small that broke. Its a bit like a crimp on a cable, which plugs into the rear of the panel. As...

    MB W220, W215 control panel upgrade

    Hello, Currently dealing with my 2001 MB CL500 , what I want to do is upgrade pre-facelift console with navigation unit etc to facelift one , I already bought everything just needs to be connected properly. Struggling with upper control panel, pre-facelift one has different plugs and some of...
  14. V

    Body panel repair and paint price?

    My C63 saloon has got a crease and 2 dents on the passenger side door. Going round a few places next week to get some quotes to have the dents pulled out and door painted. What's the going rate between for a good job? Any Qs I should be asking?
  15. C

    Sprinter heater control panel

    Hi all Just bought an older sprinter (2002), for conversion into a mx van. (All advice was to get a sprinter for there engine) The heater control is broken and when I opened it up I've found that it's an internal plastic leaver that has snapped. Does anyone know if you can buy internal parts...
  16. Fha772

    W123 UK body panel suppliers?

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy w123 new repair panels in the UK? Or, any breakers who might supply good used body panels? Cheers Frank.
  17. ACID

    C63 AMG Remap, Dyno, iPE Cat-Back, Weistec Panel Filters

    Our first upload of the week is this C63 AMG in for Remap, Dyno and @ipe_exhaust_official System + Weistec Panel Filter Fitting!!!!! Tuned to: 443.66 Whp (523.52 Bhp) 409.57 Ft Lbs Torque (483.29 Ft Lbs Torque) 324HFodiKvM
  18. Borys

    W211/W219 front slam panel

    Guys would w211 front reinforcer/slam panel be the same as w219?
  19. M

    W204 220 CDI passenger door panel removing

    any one can help with guide how to remove door panel please Mthanks!
  20. D

    W212 knee airbag / panel replacement

    Can anyone please inform me of how to remove the knee airbag panel to gain access on my 2010E350 W212?? Thank you in advance
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