1. A

    Cover panelling

    Can someone be ever so kind and post a picture here of the interior drivers side foot panel for a w124 e220/320 coupe/convertible. As you can see from the pictures I cannot get it to sit right (huge gap - right hand side of panel) and I don't want to force it has two lugs and a place...
  2. Alps

    W211 Engine bay water protection Panelling

    When at the PCS GTG, i noticed that Ricky_S had some extra covers under his engine bay which stopped rainwater getting onto the fuse box, so thanks to Ricky for some initial pointer part numbers i got my local parts guy on the case. engine bay in its native form RHS without panel RHS with...
  3. Iyse


    I was to replace the little tray just below the ash tray and above the gearstick in my W202 with a custom job. What I want is some scrap panelling that is the same as the dash to line it with. It's a dark blue/black carbon effect type panel. Does anyone know where I could get any of this panel...
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