1. A

    Best place to by body panels c220 w204

    Best place to buy body panels c220 w204 Hi guys Where's the best place to buy new genuine or good copy Front Wing for a c220 coupe w204 2012 & does anyone know if the xenon headlight lenses can be replaced without changing complete unit ? Thanks
  2. D

    Damage To Side Panels

    I have a CLC in Obsidian Black. It looks like a shopping trolley has gone down the side of my car. It isn't scratched as such but it looks more like it has 'bruised' the lacquer. How would I deal with this. Do I use some black T-Cut, try polishing it out with wax? Thanks.
  3. bigbug

    Sills / Rocker Panels W210

    210 Wagon, she has failed her MOT as the sills are rotten out. Whilst I have found a parts listing, and guessing they may be the same as the Saloon? the bottom sill section part (23) isn't listed anywhere and I cannot find UK supply so am looking at fabrication...
  4. T

    Body Panels on CL500

    I understand that there was a change to the body panels on the CL500 for model year 2004 to much lighter materials. Can anyone tell me what panel materials were changes and how much weight was saved? I'm sure I read some reviews a few years ago but can't find any information now! Thanks Tony
  5. D

    Burmester speaker panels

    Notice on some used Premium Plus C Class cars on the Mercedes Used car site that the Burmester speaker housing is Black but the current brochure shows the housings as metal/stainless steel. What's this all about then?
  6. A

    ClK w208 repair panels?

    Hello. I have been welding some rust patches here and there on my CLK w208 project, I kinda got tired having to fabricate every single of them, plus they are getting more complicated and I am just a novice. I got to the rear arches which I have to weld inner arch patch at the back near the...
  7. A

    W210 Body panels.

    Hello I have a silver 2002 W210 E320 avant-garde. I'm looking to source a replacement bonnet (flying brick of truck) an offside front wing plus a drivers door as rust is setting in. In know the whole car will just be a pile of rust on my drive in 10 years it's that my car has less than...
  8. M

    S124 sill & door panels off

    Hello all, I’m new to these forums and recently picked up a ’95 E220 wagon for a few quid. There are already quite a few bits of welding needing done (front wings - inner and outer, nearside rear quarter under the glass, tailgate under the glass) but I suspected there might be more to come so...
  9. S

    welding floor panels

    Is there anywhere that sells floor pans or sills as I need a bit off wielding sorting on my car its a cl500 2001 don't want to put patches on would like to fit correct panel if there available cheers
  10. W

    w639 rear quarter panels - need a photo!

    Hello, I just want to mount the rear quarter panels on my Vito LWB, but for better understanding of brackets place I just need a photo of an interior rear quarter without panel mounted. I someone find easy to help by providing it, I will be grateful. As it is said " a picture is worth a...
  11. Sylvo

    R129 1994 Rear Light Cluster Interior boot Panels

    Anyone had issues with this. The rear cluster interior panels that gives access to the bulbs are constantly swinging open. Have tried gaffer tape but it looks naff and leaves a mark. Have tried strong Velcro but when its warm the sticky bit softens and comes loose. :wallbash: Am loathe to...
  12. A

    W124 cab interior panels

    Dear All, Is there anyone who might have the following. Please see attached pictures. Car is w124 E220 cab, 1994. 1) Drivers side (right) plastic black covering panel that goes around the area where the wind screen visor is held onto the chassis. See picture as it is cracked. 2) In the same...
  13. M

    W124 coupe rear grey leather door panels

    Any w124 coupes being broken or anyone got some spare. Thanks
  14. M

    S124 bumpers and plastic panels -free to a good home

    I have the above which I want to get rid of. PM me with an email address and I will send pics. Be quick to message me otherwise they go in the skip that's come today. Matt
  15. J

    R230 rear window panels

    Need to replace offside panel next to rear window glass as appears to be tarnished. Any idea how much and how easy to replace?
  16. A

    W124 Coupe rear arch repair panels

    Hi All I'm working on a w124 E320 coupe. I need to repair the rear arches due to rust. I can only seem to find arch repair panels for a saloon. Can you tell me if these are compatible with the coupe? Do the coupe and saloon have the same arch profile? Thanks Ash
  17. S

    190 cosworth body panels

    hi guys, doing a bit of restoration on my cosworth..need both side outer wheel arches and both side rear quarter panels.....any help appreciated. shindy
  18. S

    Plastic rear panels on r230

    The plastic rear side panels on each side of rear window have discoloured on the looks like they have a black coating which is coming of about 2" in on both sides,do these panels come off easily ?if so how,maybe i could recoat the using a mat black spray or somthing to that...
  19. S

    Non-Mercedes body panels

    Hi. It seems that I need to replace my aluminium bonnet on my 2010 E350 Avantgarde saloon, W212. I can find aluminium bonnets for around £350.00 however they are not OEM. Does anyone have any experience of using non-MB body panels? Thank you. Happy Christmas. Solarmer:dk:
  20. W

    W639 rear panels and windows

    It the title says, I would like to convert my W639 from utilitary to person vehicle... not to add more seats (I have two front and three seats bench on middle), but rather to cover with plastic panels the rear side, cut the body and add the two lateral windows (preferably non electric). Then...
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