1. Bigrichw

    Local ad in the paper

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  2. ash59fifty-uk

    Removing paper residue from windscreen, ideas?

    Anyone have any remedies for removing this annoyance? Why someone has been leafleting on car windscreens in this weather is beyond me, do they not have sense!
  3. tromppost

    Paper part of driving licence

    The paper part of your drive licence will no longer be needed from 2015 You can check yours here
  4. ringway

    How to make a Paper Aeroplane Fly Forever.

    I know, I need to get out more, but... Having made many of these in my youth, I thought this was pretty smart and it seems to get a boost as it travels over the larger front heated plate. t2sozrof3HY
  5. Palfrem

    Paper is not dead

    Le papier ne sera jamais mort / Paper is not dead on ! on Vimeo
  6. gIzzE

    Heston Blumental looks a bit if a nob in this weeks Waitrose paper!

    Heston is in this weeks Waitrose paper, but to be honest he looks a bit of a nob!
  7. S

    My photos in the Scotsman paper

    Scotland in Pictures: Sun, Sea and Sand - Scotland in Pictures: Sun, Sea and Sand - The shed traveleth and I am delighted :cool::D
  8. grober

    Paper Plane in Space

    3 Brits have sent a paper plane into "space" [well almost] and sent back pictures to prove it. Richard Branson eat your heart out. :p British team send paper plane to the edge of space before it flies back to Earth | Mail Online
  9. tintinmt

    380 SL in the local paper

    I have no connection to the advertiser, but I saw this in the Surrey Ad. Briefly:- Aug 1983 380 SL. Steel Grey, FSH, 3 owners, 92K miles. New MOT, recent service. 'imaculate'. £7000 ono 07801 476576
  10. tintinmt

    W124 E280 in the local paper £500

    This is not my car and I don't know the owner but in the Surrey Advertiser this week is a W124 E280 estate. 1994, 176K miles, leather (7 seat?) A/C, Elec roof & seats, 2 owners, MOT & Tax to May. Tel 01428 681600. I guess that is near Haslemere somewhere. Was advertised for £1250 and £750...
  11. K

    W126 Paper Manual

    W126 Paper Manual & Merc Enthusiast Mercedes W126 Full workshop manual in 4 volumes unused 75% in plastic wallets and all in ring binders £65 collected from Uxbridge 07787475849.
  12. butty871

    DogCar in the paper! please donate people ...
  13. N

    Anybody got some sand paper

    Shouldn't take long LOL I bet the neighbours were over the moon with that on the drive for 18 years.
  14. Spinal

    Recycling Shredded Paper

    I've made it a policy to shred any and all paperwork that comes out of my house/office. This included adverts (this way, if you recompose something, the chances of it being valuable are decresed) Problem is, I've just been told that I cannot put my usual bag of shredded paper for kerbside...
  15. Flyer

    How far can you throw a paper plane? Best: 38.338m :cool: Global Rank: 53452 :crazy:
  16. GrahamC230K

    What News Paper do the Daily Mail jokers read?

    Hoping I don't have to pull my own thread (so keep the responses non political) what paper do those folks read that like to make the Daily Mail jokes?
  17. Parrot of Doom

    Drift king loses his paper cracker crown heh heh heh :D Long read, but well worth it ;)
  18. SilverSaloon

    hiring car abroad - paper licence only

    hi i am due to go on holiday to spain in 3 weeks time.... i heard that you can now only hire a car abroad with a photo style licence... is this true? i only have the original paper licence (not the photo type). any idea how long it takes to get a photo licence? i am now in the...
  19. M

    Does DVLA provide paper to prove you have sold your car

    may be not a usual question. When you buy a car - you get V5 as evidence you own it. But in case you have sold your car. Is it possible to obtain something from DVLA to prove you dont own it any more and since when? Thank you
  20. Madferrit

    Scanning Thermal Paper

    Went for 2nd scan of the new addition to the family.. which is due later this year. The nice people at the hospital gave us a picture of the ultrasound scan. I'm guessing the paper is some kind of thermal paper, and i noticed big signs around the ward telling us that laminating will "destroy"...
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