1. E

    Direct (parametric) steering

    I read this was a relatively cheap option fitted to a number of Merc models. I'm looking to buy a 350SLK circa 2005 with it fitted as from what I read it is woth every penny. So how would I know if it is fitted? Is it a software upgrade on the standard electric unit providing the speed...
  2. lynall

    W203 parametric steerring ?

    Wifes car has had heavy steering ever since she has had it, she thinks it fine but my steering is considerably lighter at parking speeds. Its a 2001 C320 with almost every option so i am assuming its got the fancy steering, anything simple that goes wrong with the steering? Lynall
  3. D

    parametric steering w210

    Hi does anyone know about defects on this system :confused: ?? When i turn the steeringwheel left the powersteering goes like a warm knife thru´ butter but turned right it seems that there is no power at all. This is only when the car is not in motion. ????
  4. BenzComander

    Para-metric steering?

    First question, what is it? Second question do I have it?? 1997 W210 estate
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