1. N

    Cheaper to park an Airbus A320 than a car for 15 mins.

    Funny old world. Plane parking cheaper than drop-off zone at Edinburgh Airport - BBC News
  2. daveenty

    Cars in the Park Leeds 17 September

    I forgot about this till I just got reminded a few minutes ago. Sports Cars In The Park is now the official title and they have two meets per year, one at Newby Hall up near Ripon back in May, which I missed this year, and the one coming up in September at Lotherton Hall by Leeds. It's not a...
  3. T

    Park on drive , or not ...

    Hi I have a c63s coupe on the way for 1st September I live in London , I have a driveway on quite a busy road, house has CCTV and alarm which we put on at night etc Car will be insured and will get gap insurance My wife is worried about parking the car on the drive in case we get...
  4. C

    CLK430 rev limited when in park and neutral?

    Hi Guys and Gals My CLK430 project - I've only driven it for 10 miles and it is now SORN I've had it running on the driveway for oil change etc. Have noticed it seems limited at 4K when revving it (fully hot of course). I didn't gun it on the drive home from collecting it. This normal?
  5. John

    Linkin' Park frontman dead...

    Can't say I was huge LP fan, although I did like Numb a lot, but nevertheless a bit sad when someone calls it a day...
  6. MancMike

    Van ploughs into pedestrians in North London, Finsbury Park mosque

    Details still emerging. One arrested. Finsbury Park Mosque: 'Several hurt' as van hits pedestrians - BBC News :(
  7. clk320x

    Tesco car park = football pitch

    Wtf Since when has Tesco car park been a football pitch? Was just driving off and football gets booted at Mach 10 into the side of my car :doh: A few showroom fresh 17 plates parked around there too Thankfully no damage I could see, I mean it's only a ball but I mean the guy has such a good...
  8. brucemillar

    BMW - Park Distance Control (PDC)

    Friends My wife's (new to her) E53 4.8is BMW X5 has a fault with the Park Distance Control = PDC. The car had 4 sensors front & four sensors rear with a controller module mounted in the boot. We have the stock BMW error: Engage reverse > Light on button illuminates > Continuous Beep for 10...
  9. M

    Perpendicular Park Assist (ML 250)

    Does Perpendicular Park Assist work on a ML 2015 (W166) model? Parallel parking works just fine, but I am unable to get Perpendicular parking to activate, despite driving around the supermarket car park all evening! Is it supposed to work? Thanks
  10. C

    Dreaded R230 stuck in park fix

    My R230 has started to get stuck in park every now and then ....I have got a replacement rear brake switch on order but as I can feel the solenoid clicking when I depress the brake pedal I am suspecting that I am going to end up replacing the "Achilles heal" gearbox bracket ...... is there...
  11. -AJC-

    Park Assist - 2006 W164 ML320 CDI

    Our 2006 ML 320 CDI has genuine MB parking sensors fitted on both front and rear bumpers but is not fitted with the LED display on the front dash or rear dome light? It neither has the ParkAssist deactivate button on the lower dash as the system is controlled through the multi function display...
  12. T

    cl500 won't crank, won't come out of park, brake switch okay

    2002 CL 500 with intermittent issue, When it does not work I turn the key and the dashboard lights up when I go to crank, nothing, no click, nothing. I ran a hot lead directly to the starter, cranks fine. And when it's not working I cannot get the car out of park with the key on and foot on...
  13. c180081c

    Car scraped in a car park

    Right guys my car of two weeks owner ship has been scraped down the passenger door and front wing. It has happened between yesterday evening and this morning. No note has been left shockingly! It happened on our residential car park (no CCTV) the question is what do I do? Aside from cough up and...
  14. T

    SL350 stuck in Park. New aux battery fitted.

    Hi folks, My wonderful and thus far super-reliable 2007 SL350 has been stuck in Park for 5 weeks after the Aux battery ran down over the winter (or perhaps, more accurately, after I let it run down!) I've replaced it with a new one and charged the new one too as it was at 12.5 and it's now...
  15. E

    E55 w211 revs at 2k in park

    Recently done the valve cover gaskets and it seems it's revs a little high sometimes? I've checked and checked the hoses and vac pipes and all look fine! Coilpack sus on cylinder 1+2 on the obd reader.but that wouldn't do that surley? Strange but was fine before.also think of moving breather...
  16. Dogbreath

    Nightmare in the car park

    Absolute class....! Enjoy
  17. K

    Park Assist Malfunction

    During a recent parallel park manoeuvre using park assist my car looked like it was going to reverse turn into a space, then change its mind and ran straight back side swiping the car behind! The speed of the reverse was quicker than my reactions to prevent a collision. Only slight panel...
  18. B

    W220 Gear selector Stuck in Park

    Have had the dreaded stuck in Park issue on my 02 S320 66k Miles, was getting problems now and then getting out of park but this disappeared then recently I started getting an intermittent problem going from drive to reverse and then suddenly it was locked in park completley, so these were the...
  19. RyanMuller

    Would you ever leave your car in an airport car park?

    Through previous experience previous cars I have been in had dings or nice mud marks on the sills. I would be wary handing my keys over to a randomer! Does anybody still trust the airport parking guys? Or am I just paranoid? PS. I am the guy that parks in the furthest corner away from...
  20. D

    W164 ML 320 Auto Park Select Button Not Working

    I have an ML 320 that the Park Select Button on the Auto Gearbox Shift stick selector has stopped working. The gearbox works fine in all other respects but the only way to put the vehicle in Park at the end of a journey is to take the key out of the ignition. Is this a common fault, is there...
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