1. N

    Central locking off fob and parkatronic not working

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum; I have a couple of problems with my C230 Coupe 2001. The first one is the central locking isn't working off the fob. It works using the switch inside the car. I have changed the battery in the fob and the light in the fob is coming on. It was working if i put...
  2. moonloops

    W209 CLK coupe parking sensors stopped working?

    There is just no lights on the unit at all. It is a dealer fit system not genuine Parkatronic so not sure which fuses to check etc. It also can't be enabled/disabled via a button so it's not that? Any ideas or something obvious I can try. Rear system only fitted.. thanks
  3. A

    Retrofit parkatronic

    Anyone had any experiences with retrofit Parking sensors from MB dealers. Which ones are best? Electromag or ultrasonic.
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