1. mbenz1977

    Silver tartan sonnet by Parker. Roller ball Pen £170

    Boxed as new no marks or scratches never been used.
  2. W

    Is there a motorbike equivalent of Parker's Guide?

    As per the title, does anyone know of a motorbike equivalent of Parker's Guide? I'm looking for power AND torque figures for bike engines maybe 5-10 years old. Thanks.
  3. B

    How do you deal with an ignorant parker

    Being polite has failed so I'm about to take action. I've a new neighbour who thinks nothing of parking directly opposite my Drive which is on a narrow street which makes it impossible to get the ML out, despite being told to stop it, it goes on. :mad: So me gets a clapped out vauxhall...
  4. PJH

    Parker, have you sold my car ?

    ...Err not yet Mi Lady. But I am trying
  5. jukie

    Glasses vs Parker's

    For any of you who have access to a Glasses Guide, how accurate or otherwise is the pricing information in Parker's? Is there a better price guide available to non-traders? TVM.
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