1. 5

    Parking sensors - no lights, beeps nothing

    Hi guys My first post :) Could someone please help me with my SL500 parking sensors. I brought the car from an old guy and it had a few problems which I’m sorting bit by bit. The parking sensors don’t seen to work at all, no power to them, no lights nothing. The button by the gear...
  2. M

    Front parking sensors

    Hi all Have front parking sensors on my w164 going off like mad if anything gets near. Also can make them stop unless in switch them off completely. Anyone know how to detect a fault sensor and how to replace them ? Thanks
  3. johnlewis1964

    Drivers side parking light comes on on its own

    Is this normal.
  4. M

    E320 2006 (pre facelift) parking sensors

    My car is fitted with parking sensors, but it doesn't seem to have parktronic as described in the user manual. The manual talks about lights just above the dash and in the roof lining at the rear. My car does not have these. I can't find anything in the manual about any other parking assistance...
  5. C

    6 x new parking sensors

    hello, after ordering the wrong parts, for my cls these are up for sale. part no: a2215420417 non genuine, still in packets. £20>? Untitled by chris pollin, on Flickr Untitled by chris pollin, on Flickr
  6. garycat

    Parking sensor indicator half cover - such a thing?

    I find that at night, the streetlights reflect on the back of the dashboard parking proximity and this creates a moving orange light reflected in the windscreen every few seconds which is quite distracting. Is there any way of covering the back of the indicator to stop the reflections? I've...
  7. ukmike

    Parking brake adjusting cost.

    Got an MOT booked next week & think it might fail on the parking brake.what's the rough cost to adjust it?W204 C220 coupe.
  8. R

    Remote parking pilot with Google Pixel

    Hello all. Has anyone managed to about a Google Pixel with the remote parking pilot? No matter what I try, they refuse to pair citing "incorrect pin" as the reason.
  9. 219

    Novel way to avoid parking charges
  10. C

    W203 facelift sport edition rear bump strip parking sensors

    hi. my 2006 c220 cdi sport edition rear outer right sensor played up, im trying to figure out how to remove the rear bump strip which houses the sensors. it is a one piece bump strip going all the way round the bumper. thanks.
  11. R

    SL350 - R231 - Parking light failure

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, so I hope I have put this request in the correct place. An LED has apparently failed in the right hand(offside) head lamp unit. (The eyebrow light) Has anyone had a similar failure and how did you handle it? I have been quoted over £1000 just for the...
  12. R

    SL350 - R231 - Parking light failure

    The right hand eyebrow LED has failed. Does anybody know is this an easy fix? The lighting unit seems impossible to access by the look of it without taking the the front off the car.
  13. C

    electronic parking brake on SLK R172

    Hi Should the EPB engage automatically when I come to a stop, select P and turn off the ignition?
  14. ioweddie

    neat way of parking
  15. T

    2007 W211 parking brake question

    Hi, can anyone please tell me if access to the parking brake cable" junction" (for want of a better description) on my car is under the rear seat or would I have to access it from under the car. Thanks in advance.
  16. Bluepaul

    Ebay rear parking sensors.

    New to me W211 which I'm really enjoying. The only slight problem is that it doesn't have the rear parking sensors. I can get a kit off of ebay for next to nothing, and I've used them before to fit to a mates car, which worked fine. The question is, can I get away with the basic kit or does...
  17. S

    parking brake adjustment

    Hi, I have a 2002 C200K Coupe and the parking brake needs adjusting When I pull the lever to release the brake, the pedal doesn't rise all the way up, this in turn leaves the light on the dash lit, which in turn start a very loud alarm as I drive off. As I pull the release lever , I have...
  18. Bigdw

    W221 grease for parking brake gearbox

    Just stripped the parking brake motor gearbox on my w221 anyone recommend the type of grease for the plastic gears, silicon grease looks like it is generally good for use on plastic gears, can anyone confirm this, thanks
  19. garycat

    Valet parkers and the foot operated parking brake

    I left my C-class coupe with Silver Parking at Bristol Airport last week. You have to hand in your keys to them and they move the car to a more remote and more densely packed part of the car park while you are away. When I returned and checked the footage from my dashcam, I see they didnt...
  20. B

    Replacing Parking E 2.7 2005

    Hi been to the Mercedes specialist on Thursday and had it on the star system it showed three parking sensors out, any tips on removal and fitting new ones? also when is the best place to get new ones. Thanks all. Bill.
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