1. B

    W209 CLK Parktronic and Mult-contour seats not working

    Hi I have a 2006 CLK and the Parktronic which has displays front and rear is off and also the multi-contour seats do not work. I thought it was a fuse because they both share fuse 13 but it is fine. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks
  2. M

    Parktronic GL320 x164

    Hi I know this is long shot but I have a 2009 Gl320 that's had a front end crash That I'm repairing I found a facelift front bumper that fits but the parking sensors are different Also the loom looks different what would I need to make the system work Any ideas or wisdom would be really...
  3. Davycc

    Parktronic fault (not sensor) FIXED

    Like a few others I was getting an error warning from my drivers side front parktronic system (really annoying) would go off as soon as I reduced speed enough to engage it,guaranteed to happen within a few hundred yards . It would happen in dry or wet conditions so today I decided to jump in and...
  4. M

    Parktronic, When should it beep?

    Hi, I have a brand new E Class (W213) E350D, I got it last week. The other day, I noticed that the distance sensors weren't making a sound, unless the car was moving, is that correct? When you stop, no matter how close to an obstacle, the sound stops???? If you engage reverse very close to a...
  5. A

    Parktronic fault?

    Had a look at a CLS55 today and was told the parking sensors weren't working on the rear. Turned out neither did, but I could do with some help guessing what the fault is. When driving, the "P Off" light seems to come on itself, thus disabling Parktronic. When I try backing or edging...
  6. R

    PARKTRONIC false positives (E-class 2012)

    Newbie alert! :) My 2012 (212) E-class has a problem with the PARKTRONIC, the front end (usually just the driver's side, sometimes both sides) gives false positives. It started out as an intermittent problem, mainly in wet weather, but has gradually got worse and is now pretty much constant...
  7. D

    W164 ML 320 Parktronic wont turn on

    I have a W164 ML 320 with a Parktronic system that has suddenly stopped working. The indicator lights flash once when the car is started but when accessing the onboard menu the Parktronic is displayed as being off. Trying to use the + and - on the steering wheel to turn it back to on has no...
  8. manofgresley

    Parktronic ECU

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me where the above is located on a 2001 CLK 320 Cabriolet (W208)?
  9. steveknowles

    Rear parktronic sensors

    I've just bought a 2012 vito sport X which has parktronic sensors front and rear. Fronts work perfectly, but the rears are completely dead. I bought from a dealer, but the previous owner has had fitted a fixed towbar, spliced in wiring, not Merc plug in. Found the rear module above the rear...
  10. O

    2011 A W169 180 diesel Parktronic

    I am interested in above vehicle, £8,750,(34,000) but am a wee bit concerned that it has Parktronic. In my view this is an unnecessary addition which may lead to expensive repairs if it upsets the electrics. Is it something that can just be switched off and forgotten about ? Any other...
  11. roger574

    W210 rear Parktronic issue - help!

    My recently acquired 1999 W210's rear Parktronic system isn't working (the front system is working perfectly) and I can't figure out why. :wallbash: When I turn the ignition on, the system self-tests correctly - all orange and red segments light up on the rear Parktronic warning indicator...
  12. ASnowman

    Russian parktronic.

    A tad of topic. But parktronic is a Mercedes name
  13. F

    Parktronic Sensor Replacement ML (W164)

    Hi I am a new member having recently bought a ML320 CDi (W164). All is good but the front left parking sensors do not work, hopefully someone can help!! The lights go on with the ignition but do not respond to close objects, the local dealer checked for faults and they show as working but...
  14. P

    W221 320 CDI Parktronic module

    Hi Chaps I got my new W221 320 CDI a week ago and when I got my car the parktronic worked well, then my battery went flat due to an alternator fault, which has all been resolved, I had to clear out low voltage errors from all the modules with a STAR diagnosis, which I have done, and noticed my...
  15. I

    Just received CLK, a couple of questions.

    Hi all, Just picked up my facelift CLK 200 Kompressor yesterday, and I absolutely love it! Just a couple of questions I had that maybe some more experienced people could help me with. Apologies if this has been asked before, I tried searching and couldn't find the answers. 1. What is...
  16. I

    Should parktronic beep?

    Hi there, I just bought a 2007 facelift CLK. The parktronic system seems to work (the little screens light up as objects get closer) but it doesn't make a sound. Is this normal? I did test drive another CLK that I didn't end up buying, and it was the same. Thanks for any help you can...
  17. P

    w639 viano parktronic.

    Can anyone tell me where the control unit for the parktronic is on the viano.
  18. F

    W209 Parktronic PTS Display

    Hi there, Was having a bad day last week - had to do a 350 mile round trip for a 1 hour meeting, stopped in the services on the way home to get some food as I was starving, went to reverse into a space, saw the lamp post but didn't spot the other post in front of it! Anyway was reversing too...
  19. noogieman

    Round fastener for C43AMG parktronic bumper?

    I wonder if these outer bracket rings which I highlighted in color RED are sold separately for parktronic sensor bumper? Are these parts sold for front and rear bumpers? I have already bougth the sensors and spacer shims. It's the 3rd part, the round bracket I'm wondering about if I can...
  20. T

    Parktronic Comand 2.0 Removal

    Will removing the Command 2.0 in my CLK affect the Parktronic audio warning tones? I am thinking of upgrading my Command 2.0 to a Kenwood DAB, and was wondering if this will affect the Parktronic warning sound or is the Parktronic warning sound not routed through the Command?
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