1. AngryDog

    Parrot phone kit in W211 E55

    I will be wanting to fit a Parrot phone kit to a W211 E55 should I buy one. I believe that it has the Command audio system. How is the best way to do this? Thanks.
  2. J

    Parrot to command

    Hi, Newbie here, I've recently purchased ML500, which has command unit but no handsfree installed. I bought Parrot MKi9200, is this compatible with my Bose stereo system.... informed that as fibre optic its unlikely i can use does anyone know if theres a way around this? T.I.A.
  3. D

    Fitting a Parrot kit into an E class estate (W211)

    Hello! First post as I've just bought a 320 CDI estate on an 04 plate. I'm trying to transfer my Parrot Mki9200 to my new car and I'm finding it difficult to figure out which cable I need. I have the Comand stereo/navigation unit with the CD changer below it. Not that the single slot CD...
  4. I

    CLK W208 with Parrot MKi9200 and UNIKA

    Hi, I have a 53 plate CLK convertible and I've been told it was manufactured late 2002 although not reg' till 10/2003. I have installed the parrot MKi9200 and a UNIKA box, but have no steering wheel controls except the volume for the radio. I have managed to find the correct can+\-...
  5. D

    Parrot Integration

    Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster. Got my first MB just over a year ago, a 2005 W203 C220 CDI. I love it! My question is about Parrot handsfree/bluetooth kits. I've seen quite a few threads on Parrot systems but none of them seem to answer my query, which is odd as I would have...
  6. roger574

    Portable bluetooth hands-free - Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2HD

    I'm thinking of getting a bluetooth handsfree kit for the car and thought it would be useful to have one that I could move between our various vehicles. I came across the Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2HD and wondered if anyone here had one and, if so, whether you'd recommend it? Also, is anyone...
  7. I

    Parrot Bluetooth Installation

    I have a 2005 W203 with the factory Audio 20 head unit, I am looking to install a Parrot MKi9200 bluetooth kit but have a few questions. - I have read guides on how to remove the head unit which look ok, but is there enough space behind there for the additional wiring and especially the Parrot...
  8. T

    Sprinter with NTG 2.5 Comand and Parrot?

    Hi, I was hoping to fit Parrot as the existing bluetooth connection to the MB Comand is useless. Having spoken to a couple of online eBay Parrot retailers/installers, they tell me no kit is available or that the systems are incompatible?. Anyone any experience of this?. TM
  9. Adeinfrance

    Parrot hands free

    Hi. Does anyone have any experience in the fitting of a Parrot hands free kit? The wife recently had one fitted by Halfords, on her BMW 530D, sorry it's not a Mercedes, but the Parrot is live all the time even when the ignition s off, so the car is now starting to display an error saying...
  10. J

    Parrot mki9000 - let the mods begin

    Very early into ownership of my c180k (2 days in fact!), I realised I missed the Bluetooth from my S60. This got me searching for a hands free kit. I didn't want a screen so the mki9000 from Parrot seemed to fit the bill. I found a chap on the bay selling a brand new sealed unit and thought I'd...
  11. H

    W209 audio 10 + parrot kit

    W209 headunit and parrot for sale. No cables Can be tested on location £offers
  12. P

    parrot bluetooth

    hi everyone I am going to fit a parrot ck3000 evolution hands free kit to my 2004 w211 e320 cdi has anyone got a wiring diagram for the radio circuit its not got command just the radio and cd player if anyone can help much appreciated parky.
  13. M

    Parrot MKi9200 in 2008 CLK C209

    Hi I am looking to add bluetooth and id connectivity to my CLK 220 cdi (2008) and have settled on the parrot ski 9200. I have the bog standard Audio 20 (no cd changer or phone connection in armrest). I am fairly competent and have installed parrot systems in previous cars so feel...
  14. M

    Parrot installation on C class 02 reg.

    Hello, Can anyone recommend Parrot or any other quality hands free systems for my C class 02 reg. Don't want to bother with pertable like Parrot minikit. Want some serious ones. Also, which of the Parrot system is easy to install? Regards & thanks Tom
  15. chubbs111

    parrot ck3100

    for sale parrot ck 3100 as new only fitted to car for about 8 months,excellent condition boxed with instructions £50 +postage
  16. T

    Parrot Bluetooth

    Hi I have a CLK 2005 Facelift with Comand fitted, I bought a Pioneer Avic F950BT only to discover that this is not easily compatible with the Harman Kardon sound system and existing amplifier - due to the optic fibre wiring. It would need to have a lot of re-wiring, new amplifier and...
  17. N

    Parrot bluetooth for E200 w211

    Hi. Having recently become the proud owner of my first Mercedes and having found the MBClub very helpful as I familiarise myself with all the features on it, I just have one issue I still need to resolve. Have a 2005 E200 Kompressor Avantgarde. Also have a Parrot CL3100 Bluetooth kit that I...
  18. sspeed

    Parrot integration with cars speakers ?

    Hi everyone.. Hopefully this isn't a pointless question as its about I car I don't actually have access to ! In theory I have a late 2006 CLK320 Cdi The previous owner fitted a Parrot CK3100LCD hands free blue tooth job. It connects with my Samsung phone without issue.. The sound of the phone...
  19. Grey Area

    Fitted a parrot MKi 9200 to my c230

    As per the title really. Did not appreciate just how much trim removal that I would have to do, but totally worth it as I now have bluetooth handsfree and ipod/iphone, usb and 3.5mm music connectivity in my w202! Plus wanted to say a huge thank you to Shude for his 'How to' guide on fitting...
  20. D

    Parrot integration

    quick one. I have a parrot ck3000 kit to go in my 52 plate class. Ebay is selling this one though Mercedes C Class Parrot Steering Interface Kit CTPPAR004 for CK3000 | eBay which apparently allows the parrot to integrate with the merc controls. anyone done it? any good?
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