1. M

    2015 W212 Partial LED headlights conversion

    Hey all, I am the proud owner of a 2015 E220 AMG Spec. Love this car however it didn't come with the FULL LED headlights only partial ones. I love the design of the FULL LED headlights which are on the 2015 and 16 models. (W212) does anyone know if they would fit as a direct...
  2. S

    Upgrade 2014 partial led to led intelligent light system

    Hello guys, I would like to ask whether is possible to upgrade the partial led headlights to the led intelligent light system. I own the 2014 coupe model E220 CDI AMG sport. Thanks
  3. P

    C43 amg knocking sound on full and partial lock when driving slowly from cold

    Can anyone advise ?, I get a knocking noise as if the tyre is jumping when turning the car usually more so when the car is cold on full or partial lock. Also in this cold weather the car has taken far longer than normal to change thro the gears and seems to be stuck in gear . I noticed that when...
  4. K

    E class W212 Partial LED headlamps

    I have just changed my clk for a E class with partial LED headlamps. On dipped beam the LED headlamps are very good but when you put it on main beam it is like putting on a candle with the yellow main beam against the LED white light. Has anybody got any advice or recommendations for improving...
  5. esprit200

    Electric seats CLK270 partial operation

    Hello! I have an issue with the electric seat adjustment in my 2002 CLK on the driver's side. All functions operate excepting the seat back recline and head rest. The seat will recline forward (incline? un-recline? decline?) but not backwards, and the head rest will go up but not down...
  6. W

    W203/S203 Retrofit partial electric Leather seats from Pre facelift into facelift.

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me here. I have a 2007 C320 cdi estate. Lovely car, its comes with the command satnav and perfect in every way apart from 1, it didnt come with leather. Now, i managed to source some leather seats from ebay but they are from a 2003, and sadly the seat wiring is...
  7. G

    W203 Partial Electric Seat Tilt Adjuster

    Hi newbie here but I've been here for over a year thanks to google, great informative site I will say. Now I need to ask something I can't seem to find so hello everyone. On my 53 plate w203 220CDi Estate drivers seat I have the star wheel to adjust the upward tilt of the seat, I can adjust...
  8. M

    124 estate; partial collapse of SLS

    Rear nearside suspension collapses when engine is off. Rises when driving along and collapses so the arch is about an inch above the wheel when I turn engine off. Have been under the car this morning and can see no evidence of leaks from the hydraulic struts or the accompanying pipework. the...
  9. M

    W203 "pulsing" steering on partial lock

    I have just taken delivery of an 04 W203 C220 CDI from the local MB dealership. Whilst it's mainly great there is a very peculiar pulsing effect that feeds back through the steering when the steering is on partial lock e.g when going around large roundabouts. The effect is for the steering to...
  10. Mike Walker

    Partial result on rusting wheel arches C CLass 2001

    Took advice from a recent Mercedes Enthusiast mag article and visited MB dealer in Beckenham, Kent. Showed the Body Repairs man the offending areas - f ront edges of 2 rear wheel arches - and he took paint thickness readings etc. View is that MB will undertake the necessary repairs on production...
  11. Corrado

    Partial eclipse 1st August

    If you're interested and near a piece of smoked glass and blue sky around 10am take a look at THIS. (Health warning:Panorama sunroofs won't be dark enough:D )
  12. A

    Partial Phone Installation Question

    I'm about to order my E220 and I'm having a dilemma with the phone installation. The standard aftermarket install at work is the handset cradle screwed or inserted to the dashboard, speaker box in the footwell, mic in the A pillar and aerial shoved somewhere (it's currently in the tax disc...
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