1. BTB 500

    Best option for (free) 3rd party image hosting now?

    OK since PhotoBucket has just committed suicide, what the best equivalent service for someone like me who wants to upload pictures now and again for display in forum threads?? I know a few options have been mentioned in the PB thread but I thought it might be useful to have alternatives listed here.
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Photobucket Now Charging $399 Per Year for 3rd Party Hosting

    With no warning at all.- see my Sig image. All my 14 years worth of photos will need to be re-hosted. Countless threads on forums across the net will be ruined as it has millions of users Good work Photobucket :wallbash...
  3. B

    price of catalytic converter for a w210? Any good third party ones?

    price of catalytic converter for a w210 from merc? Any good aftermarket ones? I've seen this fairly good w210 e220 cdi online with 216,000km on the odo, about 4000 gbp (from Indian rupees) and i'm guessing this has been changed, and the guy says that the vehicle's never been tampered and i'm...
  4. T

    Third party ICE in Mercedes

    I'm interested in the C350e and like a nice stereo, but one thing I'm keen to avoid is the higher rate of VED. The Burmester upgrade sounds like it could be rather wonderful, but takes it over the magic £40k level, and for half that kind of money (and I don't particularly want the other bits...
  5. gr1nch

    3rd party car detailing: Emporer's New Clothes?

    Hello folks, Is it the case when a car is professionally detailed, that sometimes the inexperienced owner believes it looks or is better, than if he had done it himself or even worse, no better than if it wasn't detailed at all?! As a very pleased new car and new Mercedes owner, I've wanted to...
  6. Tan

    Party wall agreement

    Hi With the wealth of knowledge that the forum has, I hope that someone will be able to help with my question. We are building a single storey rear extension and I am getting conflicting advice regards if we need a PWA agreement. A couple of party wall agreement firms say we do (but its...
  7. Felstmiester

    Rear ended yesterday but third party refusing to pay

    Nothing major. Pulled up at a set of lights on duel carriageway yesterday in my van. Sat at a standstill with foot on brake for about 10 seconds then bang! I was shunted forward about two foot. Got out to check on driver and damage. Young girl driver very apologetic. Not a major amount of damage...
  8. C

    3rd party garage Nottingham recommend

    Hi I just would like to ask for help if anyone can recommend me an affordable garage to repair my 14 years old C-Class. I have been going to the MBNottingham for the past few years and find abit difficult to cope with their price. Today, I was quote; - Front break pipe £460 - Front...
  9. Ted

    Death at swingers party.

    Unfortunately due to this there is no way to get the **** Inn...
  10. Ditch

    Becker update and 3rd party goodies

    I've just updated my becker pilot. Dead easy and superb result. Some decent improvements built in. When I was looking through their list of voices the only extra one is Darth Vader (and its not cheap!). I used to have Ozzy on my tomtom "you've gone the wrong fffffing way" For fun I'd like...
  11. M

    Just joined the AMG party

    Hi All, Just purchased a MY14 E63 AMG and wow, what a car. Was looking at a DB9 but there is a baby on the way in our family so I was persuaded to look at a slightly more practical car that could house a baby car seat if needed, so the e63 seemed the right alternative! I stepped up from...
  12. G

    Accident driving a car with third party insurance

    My wife was driving my mothers car (she has fully comp therefore allowing her to drive any other car) and she was cut up by a BMW from the middle lane into the first hitting her car in the process. The police were called and the highways agency attended the scene. Luckily there were no injuries...
  13. Herishi

    audio20 upgrade, comand ntg2.5 or 3rd party

    I have a 2007 s211 with an audio 20 stereo, I'm looking to upgrade in the near future, So the question is do i upgrade to ntg2.5command costing £800-900 Or do I go for a 3rd party stereo? The 3rd party solution will probably be cheaper and offer more features but the command will be better...
  14. 219

    We KNOW how to party here in Scotland :D

    The red Hot Chilli Pipers very kindly put on a fundraising concert in support of two of our charities last Friday night . These were our own Family Support Trust Supporting Scottish Fire and Rescue Community and the Anthony Nolan Trust Anthony Nolan | Saving the lives of people with...
  15. brucemillar

    Rave Party & License Advice Please.

    Not because I wish to have a rave. I want to have a rant. Yesterday afternoon at around 14:00 our peace was shattered by earsplitting Boom Boom bass dance music. It remained shattered until around 02:00am today. We now know that this was an organised "Rave" When I say LOUD I mean no...
  16. brucemillar

    1950's Party

    Folks Me & Mrs Millar have been invited a good friends 50th birthday party. He is a professional musician and she is a professional dance teacher. No problem here then... The party is 1950's costume (as opposed to Fancy Dress). I know that the place will be full of air kisses and oh Darling...
  17. The Boss

    Surprise 60th Birthday party for my dad

    well it was on Sunday, along with mothers day, so wifey and I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party for him on Saturday eve.. and bring in the celebrations in from midnight... here are some snaps.. hope you enjoy and the cake...
  18. W

    Can I connect to Merc’s BT handsfree & a 3rd party BT music device at the same time?

    Hi! Anyone has experience of using Bluetooth music adaptor for Media Interface while connecting to the Mercedes’ original Bluetooth handsfree at the same time using the same phone? I am interested in buying the ViseeO Tune2Air WMA1000 Bluetooth wireless music adaptor which claims to be...
  19. M

    Third party, fire and... rape?

    Read more here: BBC News - Sex attack victims sue cabbie John Worboys and his insurers
  20. Darrell

    Party time

    We are planning a Diamond Jubilee day/ English day at the bar. Union Jack bunting, daft hats, flags, roast beef dinner and all the rest of it. We can pick up UK television so we can show the festivities and my wife (almost 40) looks rather fetching in her Gerri Haliwell Union Jack dress. ;)...
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