1. Z

    Passing a cyclist

    Well I suspect we have all faced this problem on the road,while not wanting to endanger the cyclist most drivers will pass them with what amount of road they can afford to give them given oncoming traffic. We have now entered a new era of passing a cyclist where there is assumed safe distance...
  2. M

    Mercedes G Wagon passing cars on highway while off roading at 70mph - video
  3. Jeff666

    Passing recommendation

    Any one have views/experience of .. Bespoke Alloys
  4. D

    Anyone near (or passing) Battle in East Sussex?

    I've finally found a set of 22's for my RRS, only problem being that: A) They're in Battle, East Sussex And B) I've got to collect in person. So if anyone is near to there and wouldn't mind picking them up for me (I'd pay for them first) then I'll arrange a courier to collect them...
  5. Borys

    W221 passing by on autobahn

    I'm at 90mph, my girlfriend manage to catch W221 passing by :) German Speed Freedom ;) W221 passing by - YouTube
  6. Godot

    A brief mention of a Charity you may see passing by

    If you see them, come the warmer weather, slow down for horses etc any loose change etc. Thanks. Horses Help Heroes Raising £1,000,000 For Wounded Servicemen and Women
  7. gaz_l

    I'm not passing comment on this..

    BBC News - China shopping centre builds 'car park for women' But if the ladies get their own car park, we should get one too.. YouTube - Tightest Parallel Parking Cheers, Gaz
  8. D

    gearbox judder passing 40mph

    I have a 2003 e320cdi with 100,000 miles. When I am accelerating gently through 40mph the car judders and then smooths out as I get faster. The problem feels drivetrain related rather than engine or wheels. It is not the end of the world, but is irritating. Has anyone come across this before and...
  9. Ian B Walker

    Just passing on Joy

    You may all know of my fears on vehicle electrics. I am generally rubbish at them. Well, just put a 3ltr engine into a 230TE 124 estate. This meant I had to change the looms, ECU, ABS etc. Due to the age of the loom I had to cut it in 5 parts and re solder it into position in the car as it was...
  10. M

    Passing an MOT

    HI Guys, I had the pleasure of taking the wife Renault Megane through an MOT today,(its first one). "2005 registered. so abit nerve racking thinking usual renault electrical bugs and build quality on the megane isnt great, I thought It might fail on a few things bearing in mind last...
  11. Jukie

    For anyone passing J43 on the M6......

    ...Tesco, 250 yards off J43 heading west to Carlisle, is selling fuel at 91.9p/l unleaded and 93.9p/l diesel. Cheapest in the area AFAIK, for those who need a pit-stop and don't mind Tesco fuel.
  12. uumode

    Just passing the Thunderbird premiere..

    Just passing the Thunderbird premiere in Leicester Square today, and almost all the cars were silver S classes with blacked out windows. If it wasn't a silver S class, it was a silver MPV!
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