1. brucemillar

    Follow Your Passion
  2. D

    Tatton Park 'Passion for Power' show tomorrow and Sunday

    Just to let you know if you don't already. I'll be there along with some friends on the Saturday on the official owners club stand. Come and say hello if you see us.
  3. WLeg

    Smart Fourfour 1.5 Passion Manual

    ideally manual..... looking up to about £5.5k, less than 40k miles, not orange, ideally Smart history. Ideally a Passion model, but so long as it has A/C and the upgraded radio, and 3x rear seat belts, would consider a lower spec one.
  4. GRAV888

    Passion fruit question.

    I have a passion fruit plant that is climbing the wall between my house and the neighbours' nicely. It produced fruit last year, but this year has gone mad. There must be at least 100 fruits on it. I make my own variations of cherry vodka, cherry brandy, damson gin and strawberry gin, but...
  5. wallingd

    Car Passion forum Some stuff on there to play with and laugh at, if anyone's bored ;).
  6. scotth_uk

    Sell 190e 2.6 / Buy Smart Passion....?

    I've been thinking about selling the 190e 2.6 over the last few days...... :-( I think it might be time to get a Smart coupe. I spend enough time sitting in traffic and doing small 1 person runs that the beast doesn't really fit the bill. I figure that the 190e is in rather good...
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