1. F

    Lost password

    I want to log my iPhone onto the website but I've lost my password, iPad works because it's saved it, for the life of me I can't find my original one, when I go on the page to change it you have to put in your original password, how the devil do you find it or change it, all I want to do is post...
  2. jamesfuller

    password problem

    Would it be possible to get my password for the forum reset. My laptop has signed out of my account and now says the password is invalid. I'm only able to get on on my phone. Any assistance would be much appreciated.:thumb:
  3. N

    Over 18 forum

    Is the over 18 forum open to everyone? :dk:
  4. A

    Password :S

    What is the password to the 18s forum please Not sure if am putting this in the right place as new to the forum Thanks in advance S
  5. Merc Owner 2B

    Having to re enter username and password

    Wonder if someone can help please. I'm using IE9 under Win7 Ultimate. Most times after a reboot I have to re enter username and password despite ticking the remember me box. Suspect my security settings are causing it but everything's pretty much default. Where should I be looking. Are...
  6. Spinal

    Resetting/Discovering Password in W2K

    Interesting one this time... I need to recover or reset the admin password on a large number of Windows 2000/2003 server machines. I can find people that can access the servers as non-admin users... Oh - none have EFS enabled. Simple enough, right? The problem is... I cannot restart...
  7. bouncer

    window 7 password

    Hi, No 1 son has changed and forgotten his password to his windows 7 laptop, what can I do? Is there any way I can set up another account name to get him going again. Or do i need to format and start again. sTeVe
  8. verytalldave

    Company password audit

    During a recent IT password audit at the company where I work, it was found that the engineering managers secretary (she is a typical blonde) was using the following password: MickeyMinniePlutoHueyLouieDeweyDonaldGoofy When asked why she used such a big password, she said...
  9. ShinyF1

    BT Voyager 2091 - Lost Password

    I have this wireless router, and have misplaced the logon and password to access the router menus [my own rather than the default settings]. I can get into the router easily enough but to change anything, such as adding another MAC address to the access permissions I need to get past the...
  10. andy_cyp

    forgot my password, help

    As the titles reads ive forgot my admin password on my pc. Its a windows media edition running xp home, after booting it asks for the password , but as ive said i cant remeber what it was. Is there a bypass for this or am i in need to reformatt ?? Thanks in advance Andy
  11. st13phil

    "Lloyds is pants" not acceptable as telephone banking password

    More details here. Apparently, Lloyds bank didn't like "Barclays is better", either :D
  12. mercmanuk

    external hdd password protect??

    is it possible to password protect an external hdd so if stolen the information cant be accessed.if yes how is it done cheers all
  13. 230K

    Windows XP password forgotten

    Hi What do i need to do if a password is lost or forgotten or possibly changed by the kids. Trying to install wireless for the kids computer but i cant get in to main user or admin because dont know the password. Help please 230K
  14. andy_cyp

    boot password

    I need some kind of utility that will require a password everytime pc is restarted, kids have got to that age were they want to use the internet for research, but im afraid 1 day there gonna get more than they bargained for. So as mentioned need a program that will restrict access to the pc...
  15. A

    Excel Password

    I built an excel workbook some time ago and it has 15 sheets. I have lost the password for cell protection, any one know of a master password for this.
  16. imadoofus


    I have a user who bought an old laptop from us. When I was away, it was given to her before I had the chance to clean it. She took it upon herself, and the first thing she did was to detach it from my network, using the Network Identifiaction Wizard thing. She then renamed the pc to...
  17. Madferrit

    Password protecting internet access

    Have broadband connected to a PC and would like to restrict access from the PC to the internet by password only, without affecting any of the other programs that need the net. Is it possible? I have Norton installed on it as well, so if there is a way to set that to do this task, that would...
  18. A

    merc 270 CDI bluetooth password

    Dear Sir, I am in India, I purchased a new Merc E 270 CDI, which has a mobile cradle for hands free operation, but the dealer told me that for my treo 650, no cradle is available. 2. Quite by accident I discovered that the car is wired for Bluetooth, so I could still have hands free...
  19. NormanB

    XP Admin password

    I set up my daughters machine 6 months ago (XP(Pro) and set a admin password (for me) and a user account for her. She bought 'The SIMS today' and I need to access the system to load the game but yes - you guessed it I have forgotton my password! HELP! She is chomping at the bit and I am not...
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