1. Colin_b

    Don't use silly passwords.

    I went to a security update today, and looked at emerging threats. One is password cracking tools have improved greatly thanks to improved CPU performance and a cracking botnet. For example, probably this - BBC News - Thousands hit in attack Upshot is make sure you important...
  2. Palfrem

    Excel passwords

    Long shot. Is there any way to by-pass a paswsord on an excel spreadsheet at all? Fingers crossed.
  3. Benzowner

    IE9 & Passwords

    Recently installed IE9 full system and have noticed that it no longer remembers passwords even though I tick the "remember password" box. My co director has done the same, but has since deleted IE9 and gone back to IE8 but that also will not remember passwords. Anyone any ideas?
  4. MikeL

    Credit Card account passwords

    Credit Card Account Passwords: So there I am trying to buy a lawn mower, card company (well clearing house in this instance) wants to speak to me…… Confirm date of birth, then get asked for password, haven’t a clue, what password? The one set up when account opened, about three years ago...
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