1. W

    Vito. Unwanted Wet Patch

    Apologies for re-posting, I think I may have originally posted on the car forum judging by a comment. As a new member I'm finding it awkward navigating the forum:confused: Hope that by tagging 'Vito' this one won't reappear in cars...
  2. W

    Unwanted Wet Patch.

    Hello, Newbie here! Just purchased a 2008 model Vito 115 CDI and I have noticed water pooling in the passenger side footwell. If any members can throw some light on this and the cure I'd be extremely grateful. :thumb: Many thanks in anticipation, WVM.
  3. jamesfuller

    Damp patch!

    just appeared on my facebook , titled simply 'Recce in Potugal'
  4. I

    B pillar patch, W211

    Hi, I've recently bought a particularly nice E320CDI. My first Mercedes and I couldn't be happier with it..... The car has 62,000, but the B pillar is already worn through, clearly from rubbing on the way in and out of the car. The photo does look particularly grubby but I promise the rest...
  5. Spinal

    Wanted: Synthetic Grass / Astroturf Patch

    An odd one here, but I'm hoping someone is turfing their lawn with synthetic grass and has some offcuts... I need a 1mx1m piece (though a touch bigger/smaller wouldn't hurt) Anyone? M. (before someone asks, its for puppy training - I don't like using the absorbent pads... so I create a...
  6. whitenemesis

    Tyre Contact Patch

    This video illustrates how little rubber is actually contacting the road, despite having wide tyres.. Check out the video at ~1min, beautiful shot of daylight shining through the tread grooves!.. BTW - anyone know where/what that building is at the start of the video? xSNFdV6-ib8
  7. Tan

    iPhone 4 yellow patch on screen

    Hi A colleague has an iPhone 4 and it has a yellow patch on the screen, I have read various threads about this on other forums and I can't seam to find out if this is a problem that will get worse with time or just stay the same. The phone is over a year old and so the glue evaporating...
  8. Godot

    A Good Day at the Patch

    Blue Angels! go to full screen for good viewing Good Day at the Patch « Neptunus Lex :)
  9. timskemp

    Anyone got any 1m red cat6 patch cables in the Woking area today?!

    As per the subject - I'm short 16 on a job and looking to pick some up today, have had a ring around the usual suspects...
  10. J

    R129 wet patch

    I have owned my SL for three months now and what a great time to buy a convertible.:) But I could do with some forum input. This afternoon I went up to the garden centre, about 4 miles. As I got out I spotted a puddle forming behind the front offside wheel. Looking back, the trail started...
  11. mercmanuk

    the patch

    The other day I needed to go to A & E. Not wanting to sit there for 4 hours, I put on my blue suit and stuck a patch that I had downloaded off the Internet onto the front of my jacket. . When I went into the A & E, I noticed that 3/4 of the people got up and left. I guess they decided...
  12. jonnymerc

    new patch for iphone version 4.01

    hi forum for those of you with iphones there is a new patch on itunes for version 4 its 4.01 i know a lot of people are having trouble with the new update version 4 i think this patch is supposed to iron them out :thumb:
  13. imadoofus

    Patch Cabinet?

    Can somebody give me an idea of the (new) replacement cost of a patch cabinet? It's about 7 feet tall,with glass doors front and back, cooling fans and about 200 ethernet socket things. TIA PJ
  14. glojo

    Microsoft release new patch

    I have no idea how old this information really is, but it has just been reported on TV. Regards, John
  15. guydewdney

    Smokin' - just slapped on my first patch...

    worried - have just slapped on the first of the patches from Nicotinell (the bigg 'un) I smoke(d) rollies for the last year, was on 20+ a day before that. Have been meaning to do this for ages, just never had the balls to actually do it - which is pathetic really isn't it? Watch out for...
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