1. gr1nch

    Car path to your first Mercedes?

    Waiting patiently for my first, reminiscing on what I'd bought on the way here. What's yours? Hillman Hunter estate (brown!, £250) - a relic Ford Granada 2.3L V6 (gold, £600) - fake lambswool seat covers Ford Escort van (red, £2.5k) - workhorse Ford Sapphire 1.8L (new, black, 9k) - polished it...
  2. R

    So what started you off on your career path?

    As per the title - what go you into / made you want to follow your chosen career path? Was there a trigger event? Did you just "fall" in to it or was there a magic "ta-da" moment?
  3. GrahamC230K

    Slippery Path

    No no I've not been drinking too regularly or placing bigger bets than I can afford. I mean my path is slippery! My front and rear garden paths have a combination of yellow circular patterned thingies growing on surface as well as being incredibly slippery/greasy. You really have to...
  4. GordonTarling

    Audio Upgrade path?

    I'm finding the sound in my 2001 E320CDI (audio 10 + CD changer) to be somewhat lacking in depth compared to my last car. I'd consider upgrading the system, but what's the best route to take? Speakers? Another head unit? I'm reluctant to change the head unit as I like the present unit's...
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