1. RKC-benz

    Pathetic horn on W124

    My horn is weak and feeble...! No jokes please... So the W124 horn sounds a bit rubbish and wheezy. Do they age badly and need replacing? It definitely needs remedial action to come back to spec. The W126 had an optional two tone "town & country" horn I believe. Would one of those fit? Thanks...
  2. knighterrant

    Pathetic Parking

    I'm sure this has been discussed/fumed over many times before. Of course I'm not talking about 'parking' so much as 'abandonment'. This morning's journey to the supermarket for my weekly shop took longer than usual because of inconsiderate parking. Cars parked too closely on opposite sides of...
  3. merc180k

    Pathetic Air Flow from Rear Vents???

    Hi, Have noticed over the last few cold mornings that the air flow from the rear air vents (in the centre console) appears to be a bit on the pathetic side! The front vents can be belting out hot air but the rear ones have a minimal flow - almost as if the fan is only set at 2 rather than 6...
  4. robert.saunders

    Pathetic Motorways

    Somehow or other I stumbled onto this page: It's actually rather fascinating, in a weird way :crazy: :D
  5. mickl

    how pathetic :rolleyes:
  6. C

    "Rest" heater is pathetic

    My "Rest" heater is only blowing out tepid air. It used to give out good warmth for about 20 to 30 minutes from a hot engine, now it's down to 2 minutes. Could it be due to the icy blast outside right now, or something worse ?
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