1. Imbigboned

    W100 exhaust pattern

    Evening all I'm trying to locate the exhaust pattern or scale drawings for both sets of exhausts on a 65 SWB W100. Is there anyone out there that can help us out or point us in the right direction. I've got a guy local that can manufacture these for me in stainless steel, however as we no...
  2. ShaunB

    Garage floor pattern

    Guys Looking for a few ideas please. Doing a bit of work in my garage, and have decided to put down these floor tiles from Mototile. The area I have to work with is approx. 15 tiles in length, by 9 in width All ideas greatly welcomed Mototile Seamless Garage Flooring - Floor Layout...
  3. W

    bell housing pattern

    Could anyone tell me if the merc. bell housing pattern has changed much over the last 20 years. Just wondering what engine swops are possible.
  4. vito stan

    638 stud pattern

    Hi everyone, does anyone know what alloy will fit my 638 02 please, or if anyone knows a website that can give me info. I'm wondering if BMW wheels or VW wheels would fit it. Thanks for any help in advance
  5. Z

    Convert headlamp beam pattern

    Morning everyone, I need to convert the beam pattern on my lights to drive in Europe for a month. Handbook and dealer say it is a dealer only job, is this true? If not, does anyone have a link for a guide on doing it? I have other vehicles where there is a lever on the back or top of the...
  6. I

    W210 seat pattern identity

    Hi All, Tidying the attic - when I make promise to my wife, (2003), I like to keep it - I came across these seat covers I bought for my 210. The car is now gone and I think it's unlikely that I'll get another so I'll drop them on Ebay. Does anyone know what the pattern is called, and maybe...
  7. Vinylwasp

    W210 - Pattern Lower Wishbones?

    Has anyone had any experience with pattern lower wish bones on thier W210? I'm guessing the downside will be larger tolerances which will affect alignment and handling, lighter materials and weaker bushing material affecting wear and handling. Or am I wrong? I've been quoted £124.ea new ones...
  8. C

    xenon beam pattern and mot

    ok the s class passed its mot yesterday but the tester said " i coukld of failed it as you have them silly blue lights (xenon)" but they are factory fit and genuine he said they take 5 minutes to warm up and he cannot get a beam pattern. now my question is should i retro fit the latter clear...
  9. Howard

    W208 CLK320 rear pads ( pattern )

    Having a sort out in the garage , and found a box of rear pads for the W208 CLK 320 . They are in a Motaquip box , so i guess that is who made them. £10.
  10. W

    Strange tread wear pattern - tyre fault?

    At the weekend I was changing the wheels around on my Accord and giving the tyres a good examination and I discovered that one of them showed a very strange wear characteristic. Dividing the tread into quarters from the inner to the outer edge, the inner two quarters were not round:eek...
  11. Lockhart Flawse

    original v pattern w124 wings

    Hello, My first proper post. I have recently acquired an E320 that will need new wings soon. I have read on here that the pattern parts don't fit as well as original MB parts. Does this mean that the pattern wings are not quite the right shape or just that they take a lot of fiddling with and...
  12. H

    Pattern MAF sensors ...Worth it or not

    I feel I am throwing a handgrenade into a chicken coup on this one.... but.... Whats the general feeling on buying a pattern MAF ? Experiences good or bad on OEM V's Pattern
  13. 3

    W220 dipped beam pattern question.

    Good Morning Ladies and Gents, as you can see im as new as a new thing here, and as new as a new thing to Mercedes as well! I've bought a late 2002 S-Class which is the facelifted(?) one with wide screen comand and clear headlights etc. Now i'm working my way through one or two niggles but i...
  14. comports

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete

    Hi Folks, Just after a bit of advice if you could... I'm in need of having my patio re done as the stones are all over the place and looking very untidy/uneven. It is over 10 years old now. It has the old stone flags (good ones) and not sure whether to have them re laid or replace with the...
  15. A

    What models used this 5-speed shift pattern?

    I got this on Ebay from a guy in Germany that listed it as from a W140 model, and in fact the part number on it is 140 267 04 10 but the shift pattern is wrong for my 1995 S280. On my car, 1st is up to the left like on U.S. 300E models. I never imagined there would be more than one shift pattern...
  16. T

    Anyone used w124 pattern part wings?

    Hi, The wings on my S124 are rusting through as they all seem to do. I'm looking to do something with them before next winter comes and was wondering whether anyone had experience using pattern part wings as my budget is tight to non-existent. If anyone has any wings they are no longer needing...
  17. Baron_Samedi

    Headlight Beam Pattern

    Hi All, Quick question - what does the beam pattern from MB cars (say W209 or similar) look like? I am used to the lazy 'z' look of other cars but my W209 is somewhat different. It looks flat except for pointy peaks presumably where the bulbs are covered... Any clues? Is is an issue I...
  18. SilverSaloon

    pattern body part suppliers

    hi apart from Eurocarparts and Merc, does anyone know of a supplier of pattern body parts for mercs, ideally R107. i need a couple of things and thought i'd check the pattern ones before going to Merc. I'm aware of the difficulties fitting pattern parts etc but not worried about that...
  19. merc180k

    Tread Pattern - What difference does this make??

    Hi, Got the unfortunate news that I have a nail in one of my tyres today and it can't be repaired!!! :mad: Looking at some ebay replacements but not sure what difference the tread pattern makes - some have a v tread and some don't, some have a centre channel and some don't!? What is the...
  20. G-A-R-Y

    W210 Brakes, genuine or pattern.

    My check brake lining display popped up today. Do I go for genuine parts from the dealer or pattern. Who makes the genuine parts and where do I get them?
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