1. MercFanUk

    Segway user fined for pavement use

    BBC Article: BBC News - Segway motor scooter commuter loses legal challenge Was fined £75, plus £250 court costs for using his segway on the pavement... I don't see how it's any different to the one bazillion age concern scooters I see on pavements every day? Does this now mean all Segway...
  2. D

    Pavement Conditions Tolworth / Kingston

    Have a meeting tommorow in Tolworth and will be on public transport. Only outside should be a short portion in the station Car Park, and then a walk from Tolworth station to Tolworth Tower. Any idea's on pavement conditions out there. Prefer not to turn up at a business meeting in wellies if...
  3. Satch

    Cyclist jailed for pavement death

    Good. Utterly sick of cyclists who feel they are somehow immune from the normal rules of the road or plain common sense. BBC NEWS | England | Dorset | Cyclist jailed for pavement death
  4. PJH

    Pavement art

    Another item for the jokes & humour section..... Could that first pic be our Pammy ? :D :D :D :D
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