1. A

    Rough Cost per square meter for Tarmac / Black Paving or concrete Paving?

    Hello Looking at getting our drive done which is currently tarmac (around 90%) with a slight semi circle of lose stone to one side. Its a drive in and out drive with gates on both sides. Area is 111m sq. I've only had one quote so far and too me anyway it seemed an awful lot:- 1)...
  2. BTB 500

    What's good for getting oil off block paving?

    Noticed today that Mrs BTB's old Audi has been dripping engine oil onto our block-paved drive :( Any suggestions for shifting it (the oil, not the Audi :D)? Got a piece of old carpet down now till I can get the leak sorted. TIA :)
  3. Gucci

    Paving slabs (thrilling thread)

    Ahem...the combination of my ML and the skip lorry taking a load of rubble away have taken their toll on two paving slabs outside my house. Someone is doing my driveway for me and has said he'll fix it too if I provide him with the slabs....where can I get them from? Are they pretty standard slabs?
  4. Gucci

    Who can do my block paving driveway?

    My beloved ML is having to nest on a pretty poor driveway at the moment :eek:. Anyone know who can do a driveway at a decent price without bringing in the cowboys? (SE London/Kent)
  5. mercmanuk

    cleaning block paving

    advise needed ive just moved house and the rear garden is block paved,at some time the blocks have been coated with a sealer/laquer.the problem is this wasnt done when the blocks were new but later and applied over the surface dirt.ive tried pressure washing the blocks but since the dirt is...
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