1. O

    Do I pay for a B service?

    I got a B Class from a Hampshire dealer last year (almost 12 months ago) it was a 65 plate B class with 18 miles on the clock! So... the car pops up with "A service needed"... local Portsmouth dealer insists it needs a B service...but will discount by 50 quid if I dont borrow a car...
  2. Stratman

    Woman ordered to pay £24,500 in parking fines

    Woman ordered to pay £24,500 in parking charges Court orders woman to pay £24,500 to private parking company With the caveat it happened in Scotland, here's an extract
  3. T

    Viewing a 2004 E270 CDI tomorrow. Anything I should pay particular attention to?

    It's an estate with FSH (apparently), and 178k miles on the clock. I've been told it's been well looked after by the local doctor owner for the last 12 years but there are few if any receipts for work. I'll be insisting on a good test drive and I'll be looking over the car best I can...
  4. Felstmiester

    Rear ended yesterday but third party refusing to pay

    Nothing major. Pulled up at a set of lights on duel carriageway yesterday in my van. Sat at a standstill with foot on brake for about 10 seconds then bang! I was shunted forward about two foot. Got out to check on driver and damage. Young girl driver very apologetic. Not a major amount of damage...
  5. ash59fifty-uk

    Overseas work- pay percentage

    Anyone have any information on working overseas? Scenario: IHM Surveys on vessels above 500 tonnes and oil rigs, wether static, live, towed on way to decommission, docked etc Our company says there's a certain percentage of our wage paid extra that is higher but depending on which country we...
  6. Herishi

    Ever wondered why we pay so much tax??? Neither parents work and they can afford 2 cars, one being a Merc.
  7. grumpyoldgit

    Car clockers ordered to pay back £110,000 after targeting Black Country drivers

    Will it deter others I wonder? Car clockers ordered to pay back £110,000 after targeting Black Country drivers « Express & Star
  8. Abb

    Do I or dont I pay??

    Have been away from the forum a little while, time was taken up with my new toy (Honda Blade) but now I am back, lol. Just had the ML detailed and yet again, Shaun at NECC, has done an amazing job (pics and review of nigh on 6 months ownership to follow shortly). Unfortunately the only thing...
  9. M

    Business lease, but pay for it from personal acc.

    All, Has anyone took out a business lease with MB, but paid for it from a personal account? i.e. used their VAT reg'd busness to get the cheaper lease option, but not use it as a company car. Thanks,
  10. C

    W208 CLK AMG Circa 2001 - Price to pay

    Am seriously considering a W208 AMG CLK circa 2001 coupe, I have a W208 4.3 V8 and love it so thought a coupe AMG would be fun. I have seen several and am considering a low mileage option circa 60k but finding it difficult to find benchmark value. Would welcome any advice regarding price...
  11. ringway

    Car Park Incident. Who will pay for the damage?

    Thankfully not my car (I just wouldn't let the situation happen in the first place). Serves him right I'd say. From the Full Fat Range Rover forum. LINK. Wonder who will pay. A mate of mine was at An Aldi yesterday day and a new range silver rover pulled in and parked at the doors...
  12. ioweddie

    Should I hand it back, pay final payment or buy a golf?

    I need some advice my 62 reg C220 Sport Plus saloon pcp is comming to an end in Sept. Its in perfect condition and only covered 17k the final payment is £15k. My dilemma is should I keep it, as I do not do many miles now but like the car but the sports suspension on Island roads is not...
  13. D

    190 sl for total restoration with 10k plate to pay for it

    1959 MERCEDES 190 WHITE | eBay
  14. John Jones Jr

    Would you pay it?

    Without doubt a classic and not too long ago I recall them selling for 80 big ones and I remember when they were only £25K. So, I wasn't too surprised to see this particular 911 2.7RS Light guided at £250k in 2011 as I understand some have sold for more since. Bonhams : 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera...
  15. PeterE320Cdi

    £10 off when you book and pay for your service online

    I booked my car into Mercedes of Exeter today for a service using the on-line booking tool and was offered £10 off for payment at the time of booking. Every little helps! :)
  16. K

    Insurance pay out

    One of my friends recently involved in an nasty accident! Good chance his vehicle would be a write off! Thankfully he bought GAP insurance, so hopefully he should not be losing any money over it. It got me thinking that I currently on contract hire my Merc for 2 years, I believed if you write...
  17. The _Don

    'Our Kia sunroof imploded why does it refuse to pay under its seven year warranty?'
  18. A

    Sim card for Data use on iPad in Europe (pay as you go type?)

    Hello Looking at changing my wifi only ipad for a 3G version. What do people who have them do for data when in Europe? I don't want / need a monthly contract in the UK but for a few times a yr having 3G pay as you go would be handy. Am I best buying a sim in the country I am in with some...
  19. A

    Merc Used Finance pay off

    Looking to buy a used e-class coupe from mercedes. They have offers on if you take there finance offer at 9% you get £1500 off the price. I have the money for a cash buy, but just wanted to know if you could take the finance and then pay off the total price a few months later e.g. taking...
  20. G

    Should I have to pay?

    Hi everyone, on Monday my local Indi told me my E320 CDI W211 required a new alternator. They quoted me and I agreed to go ahead with the job, after it was fitted all seemed fine and I drove the car home. Next day the battery and consumer unit shut down warnings came on, I went straight back to...
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