1. R

    E350 servicing, PAYG or Plan?

    PAYG or Service Plan? I've been quoted £30 pcm for a service plan for my 2015 E350. Over 24 months this would be £720 so I'm wondering if it's worth it considering I just need 2 services. When I purchased my C63 I was quoted £45 (£1080) I thought that was too high so didn't take the offer up...
  2. T

    Anyone use a BlackBerry on O2 PAYG

    Does anyone use their BB handset on O2 PAYG? Got rid of my contract due to moving to Oz in the New Year. Ever since going onto the O2 BB Text and Web package, I have no connection to the BB Enterprise Server. Could anyone else who has one on PAYG check for me please? Thanks,

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  4. 230K

    Anyone know anything about PAYG gas meters??

    Hi We have just got gas in to run the Rayburn cooker and partial heating and it is a pay as you go meter. Here in Belfast we are due a 30% rise in gas prices soon and i was wondering if i keep topping up the gas say to £500 or £1000 will i get the gas at the pre increase price or do they do...
  5. A

    Can I use a PAYG sim in my Car to redirect to my iphone?

    Hello Until I buy the bluetooth gadget I have this in my car currently. Is there a way I can put a Pay as you go sim in it and then set my current phone (iPhone 4) to divert to the pay as you go when in the car?
  6. ShinyF1

    PAYG Sim Cards

    Hi All Quick question - need to get a pay as you go sim for an overseas family visitor who is staying for a few months. Anyone have any recommendations? Cheap UK & mobile calls and texts the key as she is a student. Thanking you all as ever Sean
  7. Tan

    iPhone PAYG

    Hi Has anyone purchased an iPhone on PAYG? I was checking stock at my local apple store and they say that to buy one on PAYG, youmust pay an extra £10 top up in order to buy one, is this true? Secondly, has anyone here unlocked and iPhone 3Gs and how easy is it? Many thanks Tan
  8. Tan

    Iphone Unlocked or PAYG

    Hi After my Nokia annoyed me again this morning, I think I will bite the bullet and get an iPhone. I am still deciding between a 16 or 32 Gb 3Gs the complicated bit is that I want to stay on Vodafone, so I need an unlocked handset. What is a better to route to go with, unlock a UK handset...
  9. Tan

    PAYG Mobile phones

    Hi Who is the chepest PAYG Mobile phone operator in the UK? I am looking to put a chip into a handset in the car, initially thought I would go with Vodafone as that's who I use for my contract phone, but recently thought I wonder if any of the other operators are cheaper. The handset that...
  10. Tan

    PAYG Car Insurance

    Hi My wife an d I got our new car on Friday (Audi A4 3.0 Sport Carbriolet), we have decided to keep the S-class aswell. As we dont drice that much I am looking at an economical way to kepp both cars on the road. I am thinking about pay as drive insurrance, has anyone used this and if so...
  11. A

    Free o2 PAYG SIM cards

    May be of use to some of you? You can get upto 4 Free PAYG Sim's, I think that this one may be limited to today only, however these offers are repeated a lot.
  12. C

    free O2 PAYG Sim Cards

    Click For Free Sims You can order up to 4, but be quick as they go soon.
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