1. toolman1954

    Mayweather-McGregor Fight ---Anyone Paying To View

    Hi, Hailed as a Superfight, A multi milliond Dollar Extravaganza, is anyone going to pay to view this fight at 4-00 am on Sunday the 27th. For £20 on Sky Box Office, I will not be. Will McGregors MMA style of boxing triumph over Mayweathers traditional style?. My head says that...
  2. C

    Is it worth paying more for premium diesel/petrol?

    I wonder what people's thoughts are on this topic? I have a brand new mb and want to know based on people's experiences and also the science aspect of the argument for and against using premium fuels. Really appreciate any advice on this. Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using...
  3. T

    Buying on finance for discount then paying full amount

    I've read a few threads on here suggesting it's quite possible to negotiate a new car finance deal and once the car has been picked up, cancel, settle the full amount and effectively keep the discount. A few q's about this 1. Is this correct? 2. Presumably if the finance is via another...
  4. D

    Hippies soon to start paying tax.

    Long live the V8... New VED road tax: all the facts on the 2017 UK car tax changes? | Auto Express I think the bigger and more powerful the engine, the less road tax you should pay because you're paying at the pump by using more fuel :D
  5. M

    Paying for WIS (Vacuum pipe)

    Hi All, I recently had some work done at a local garage on my W204 220Cdi (they changed the EGR Cooler and stop some blows from it) however i now have a pipe left off which they said they thought vented to atmosphere.. The pipe is sucking rather than blowing. Long and short is, I think...
  6. Scooby_Doo

    Was I the only one not paying attention?

    I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere before , so came as a bit of a surprise. April 2017 VED rates on cars over £40,000 , annual VED to be £450 a year from year 2 to year 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So is there going to be a rush of registrations in early 2017 and will it have an...
  7. W

    Where's best place to get a trim without paying dealer prices

    Hi Am looking for the trim that's on a drivers and passenger side front seats. Anyone know anywhere to get them from without paying dealers prices Thank you
  8. Conquistador

    Paying to reserve single yellow line parking in London

    While parked up waiting yesterday in Notting Hill (outside The Tabernacle on Powis Square if anybody knows it) to pick somebody up, a rental car pulled up next to me and a guy with an earpiece in said he needs to park here as his production company has paid for the space. I just moved along as I...

    Paying the ultimate price for stupidity...

    Harsh for the family, but maybe the ultimate deterrent... Dead body of boy racer Tao Lung left in street as deterrent after 150mph crash - Mirror Online
  10. D

    Large Corporations paying minimal tax

    Seems to be in with the press at the moment.. eg - EBay 'pays £1.2m in UK tax' on sales of £800m BBC News - EBay 'pays £1.2m in UK tax' on sales of £800m I'm beginning to think that as usual our laws and accounting regime have not kept track with the 'global modernisation'. I wonder...
  11. developer

    SLS ordered - paying cash

    I've told my dealer to have it ready on 22nd December this year........ 8tKBamwBYVo
  12. E CLASS

    Kate Moss roads closure...who's paying?

    BBC News - Kate Moss and Jamie Hince wedding shuts roads Reduce the cost of policing for the If you want a privte wedding damn well pay for all the policing yourself Moss!!
  13. C

    Dealer in cardiff not paying for warranty

    Hi All. I bought a ml 320cdi sport 57 plate in dec 2010 with 1 year warranty and 2 years free servicing.i noticed my heater blowers were not working at footwell.i booked the ml in at cardiff dealer .They had to use softwhere to get going problem all working again.they have charged me...
  14. A

    Paying for an item without using paypal other methods?

    Hello Have found an items through a sales site (not ebay) that I have agreed to buy. Seller does not have paypal, so either bank transfer / postal order / cheque. None of the above methods offer any guarantee to me? I'm waiting to hear if he would take a card payment. What do people think...
  15. grober

    Avoid paying private parking tickets-a guide

    This extremely comprehensive guide to avoiding paying private parking tickets has just been posted on the MONEYSAVINGEXPERT website. Its a must read for folks who have fallen victim to these later-day brigands.:thumb: Private Parking Tickets: Tickets are often invalid, don't pay....
  16. W

    Paying PAYE & NI - new HMRC a/c details

    Hope this is of interest to those self employed people on the forum. Since 6th April 2009 HMRC a/c details have changed: I must have missed the earlier announcement, as I only found out today. I gather payments to the old a/c still work though. Accounts Office Shipley Account Name...
  17. E

    Ebay non paying bidder

    I sold my MB Bluetooth cradle on Ebay last week. It ended on Sunday. The winning bidder has no feedback at all and hasnt paid. I sent the buyer the invoice, then 2 reminders, one on Monday after 24 hours and another yesterday after 48 hours. Its now been 3 days and Ive had no payment and no...
  18. W

    When paying tax the first time is just not enough

    A cautionary tale, that I hope no one else is caught by. From 2005 until 2007 I was an employee of a UK Ltd company, working on secondment in France. I had a contract with them such that I would not incur any additional taxes over and above what I would have paid in PAYE had I been a UK...
  19. Spinal

    Non Paying Bidder

    I've had a non-paying bidder from the US... any idea what I can do about it? I've found a service called ReliaBid that allows you to pursue non-paying bidders, but they want membership... and it's too late for that! Anyone know of a similar American service that does it for a one-off fee...
  20. Spinal

    Paying NCP Fines...

    Unfortunately, the other day I forgot to put a ticket on my dashboard when I went to the Hillingdon underground station. There to greet me was a ticket when I got back. Problem is, I seem to have lost the ticket - does anyone know how to pay for it online? I went to their site ( but...
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