1. fab1975

    Pensioner gets £85,000+ payout after Porsche dealer sold ‘his’ car

    Pensioner gets £85,000+ payout after Porsche dealer sold ?his? car Justice has been done... eventually :thumb:
  2. D

    Big Whiplash Payout, Here I Come!

    A young lady decided to reverse into me this afternoon, it shook her up quite bad. I was behind her in traffic at a T-junction when she went to go right, a car happened to be coming the other way so she slammed on the brakes and reversed back towards me at a funny angle. I blasted the horn...
  3. Silver CL55

    Any tips on getting a decent payout from my total loss CLS500?

    Ok, my CLS500 was written off 2 weeks ago, no injuries so no worries. Admiral are D##king around with offers. Car was a Mercedes approved vehicle 1 year ago pretty well specced @ 18k, they have offered 14k, up from 13k. I've sent my invoice and screen shots from Mercedes approved site with quite...
  4. robert.saunders

    £5m hospital bug payout The mind truly boggles; totally scandalous! Do people really think she hasn't had botox?
  5. OGiii

    Hit and run driver in payout bid

    WTF? And who is paying this ar5eh01e's legal fees I wonder. I truly despair at the country we live in.
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