1. M

    02 XDA IIi / 2i PDA phone, + tom tom GPS (Bluetooth)

    All Original discs Boxes & software for both the XDA, & the TOMTOM maps etc... This phone was an un-wanted upgrade, So is AS new & complete with EVERYTHING... £99.ono Collected May post....
  2. Donza

    PDA and dead pixels..

    Got in the car this morning, and pulled out the PDA since i needed to use TomTom. I looked at the screen and there is a streak of black lines going through the middle of it. When the PDA is turned on, the pixels are a combo of red/green etc. I assume these are dead/Stuck pixels? When i...
  3. TonyE300D

    Discreet bracket/cradle in my W124 for PDA SatNav?

    I have a new HTC brand Windows PDA/T-Mobile cell phone with built-in GPS running TomTom 6 software. I need a bracket/cradle for my 1995 W124. I would like it to be easily swappable between this and my other car, a 2003 Skoda Octavia Estate. Can anyone recommend a cradle setup that can be...
  4. ian_c_uk

    Ulitmate PDA \ phone for sale..

    As this, but black: http://www.expansys.com/product.asp?code=119353 Unlocked O2 XDA exec, 6months old Boxed, manuals, charger, unmarked unit and screen. Will include brodit car mounting \ charge kit. Will also include 128mb SD card. £275ono... may consider xbox360 bundle in...
  5. toolman1954


    Hi , I use a Yakumo PDA (very similar to the MIO) and TT5 FOR Sat Navigation. Without fail going past or around the Newport Pagnell services on the M1 the PDA crashes every time, and crashes big time as well. Perhaps there is an over abundance of R.F. floating about in this area...
  6. G

    ACER n35 PDA with GPS Sat Nav

    For details and pictures click: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160015990425
  7. Tan


    Hi I am looking for a PDA / PDA Phone Does anyone have any recommendations? Must have WiFi
  8. Jukie

    Anyone with a PDA Phone?

    If any of our esteemed members have a PDA phone, did you soon get used to texting with the stylus? Trying to decide between PDA phone and smart phone, should I first decide to get a new handset. TIA, David
  9. L

    Best sub £130 PDA

    Hi all, well after being totally stitched by an ebay seller I am after a PDA for sub £130. I have a wanted add on a few forums for used stuff but what would you guys recommend?, I have seen the Palm z22 and that looks to do everything I want (basic stuff + scrible pad) any others I should look...
  10. L

    Wanted Basic Pda

    After being stiched up by a ****** on Ebay I thought I would have an ask on here to see if anyone has a basic PDA they want to get rid of. Just after basic names, addresses, telephone numbers, callender and todo list with a pen/screen type system. looking for CHEAP AND CHEERFUL not Ipaq type...
  11. PJH

    POI capture with TTG & PDA

    Easier POI capture. New menu option from pocketgps. TTG V.5.202 only http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/poicapture.php Please note:- This is NOT a TomTom download, it just makes POI capture easier for reporting cameras to pocketgps. Also any special POIs can be downloaded seperately from...
  12. sym

    iPAQ 6365 Phone / PDA For Sale

    I'm selling this to make way for new gadgets ! http://search.hp.com/query.html?hpvc=US+-+English&cc=us&lang=en&qt=6365&la=en Only a few months old - still under HP Warranty. Does everything - Quad Band Phone, Camera, WLAN 802.11b, GPRS, Bluetooth Comes with plug in thumb keyboard...
  13. D

    complete pda gps system

    anyone interested in a complete gps pda system with lots of extras, i have bought a smart phone with co-pilot etc so have no need for it anymore, details are below :- Ipaq 3850 / GPS Jacket / Nexiam Camera jacket / Compaq PCMCIA expansion pack, with Cradle, Mains Adapter, USB cable etc...
  14. Spinal

    PDA (xda2?) help

    Greetings, I'mm trying to kill 3 pigeons with one stone here.... I need a new mobile, gps and pda; so I've seen things like the XDA2, the imate and a few others, but never can figure out if they have gps navigation software. Does anyone know? Does anyone have anything that does all three and...
  15. Roy Newling

    PDA to work with GPS output of New Road Angel

    Can any one recommend a PDA that will take the GPS output from a New Road Angel to provide maps ?
  16. Koolvin

    PDA Owners?

    get this: http://www.dotpocket.com/ :bannana:
  17. Tan

    PDA or Mini Laptop

    Hi I need to buy a new portable IT solution to take with me to clients, I cant decide if I should go for a PDA such as the iPAQ or to go for a mini sized laptop. I don't need it to be very powerfull as all its guna do is run office and internet explorer. Plus its not guna be a desktop...
  18. U

    Pda Gps

    Can anyone recommend a PDA/GPS combination that's the best around at the moment - for UK use? We've been looking at iPAQ with CoPilot/TomTom etc. Will need a cradle, voice directions etc. Are they a pain in the backside? Do you constantly have to download maps etc with these units? For example...
  19. sym

    iPAQ PDA + TomTom Navigator 2

    For Sale - my SAT NAV set up, including a fully featured PDA ! OK - I'm hoping somebody on here will be interested in this and it can go to a good home, rather than the happy land of eBay . . . The Package includes :- Compaq iPAQ 3630 PDA (I have had for a couple of years) in full...
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