1. W

    which PDI kit?

    Any views on which of the mass market PDI kits works well and wont break the bank. I'm currently looking at AutoGylm LifeShine PDI kit for £18. I'm basically after a paint 'sealant' and fabric protector. Do I just by a pot of Autoglym Super Resin polish and can of ScotchGuard and pocket he...
  2. D

    Problems with the PDI doodah

    I get false alarms from the park distance thingy at the front starboard side of the car. It's intermittent (isn't it always?). I pull up at a junction or at traffic lights and "beeeeeep" with all the little light segments on. It then goes away for a few days. I'm guessing I just have a dodgy...
  3. dokalj


    Hi all, I hope everyone is well. Do all cars need to have a PDI? Especially cars bought direct from Germany? Or do these/ can they have their PDI done in Germany? Would MB UK have a document showing that a PDI was carried out. Also I thought you have to have a PDI in order for the warranty...
  4. weebobster

    PDI Advice?

    I am hopefully collecting my C220 CDI Avantegarde auto this Friday. Now I know my vehicle is a year old and has 10k on the clock and therefore doesnt undergo a PDI. I am buying it from a MB Main Dealership so I have been told that the vehicle will undergo the strictest preparation (blah blah...
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