1. V

    Peculiar loss of power

    How's this for a picky CLS. Travelling to and from Cornwall for the Christmas break. Power loss (will get it checked on STAR) on the A30 yet fine on the M5 -either way! Doesn't like being 110 miles from home?!?! My OBD says lamda sensor.....
  2. splitpin

    Mytyres- peculiar experience

    I am trying to purchase a set of Nokians for my car from Mytyres. Initial online attempt with payment by a Visa card..Delticom Tyres Ltd claimed that my card refused to pay them. I obtained printed confirmation that that my order was then cancelled. Second attempt, again online with...
  3. 420SE

    Most peculiar engine noise from W202 C220CDi Sport

    Just noticed this the other day when I parked up late at night. I was driving for about 30 minutes, at mixed speeds, mostly 30 to 40mph. Exited car, locked doors and noticed a jet-like sound coming from somewhere in teh engine bay :eek: It dies down after a while, about a minute and its...
  4. Kinky

    Peculiar moment this evening

    I had the Kinkmobile #1 in for a service at Purslows today, and went to collect it this evening. A young chappie came in whilst I was waiting, saying that he was dropping his car off to have some things looked at. Discussion kinda went like this .... What's the vehicle reg Sir? Response...
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