1. D

    2013 W212 E250 CDI Accelerator Pedal Replacement

    After only having the car for 6 weeks and it only having covered 29k from new with full MBSH and only driving it a handful of times, I am a little miffed to say the least:- Week 2 saw the EML come on and 'limp home mode' - suspected clogged DPF issue which disappeared after a can of snake...
  2. Cymruambyth

    Dead Pedal

    I`ve only just noticed that I don`t have a dead pedal matching my sport pedals!!! I`ve done a quick search and can only find ones which secure using sticky tape. Has anyone fitted this type and if so, do they actually stick to the carpet? I imagine it would be a bit wobbly! FOOTREST FOOT REST...
  3. P

    Install Pedal box to W212

    So I've been given a used pedal box (which suppose to improve throttle response) with no instructions or box, I wonder if any of you tried to install this to your W212? How did you do it? I have only heard positive reviews about these so I will give it try but I don't want to start...
  4. M

    Start Stop - Break Pedal Pressure (W204)

    Question from any W204 C class owners. With the 'Eco' start stop feature enabled, can you hold the car on the break pedal without stopping the engine. All other cars I've driven with start stop require you to push the brake pedal slightly harder once stationary to turn the engine off, my merc...
  5. clk320x

    Pedal Help

    Have been installing the Facelift pedals to my CLK Stuck on accelerator... Any help on how to remove it? I read the split pin needs to be removed but I've no idea how to do this.. or what it is lol Thanks :)
  6. clk320x

    Mercedes chrome sports pedal set

    This is a Mercedes sports pedal set for an automatic Brand new, I brought this from Alps but never got round to fitting and am too lazy frankly... opened them up and been in glovebox since PM me if interested I would like £25 for it + shipping :) Cheers
  7. karozza

    SL 55 accelerator pedal.

    Think it's time for a new one! A year or so ago, while on STAR, it detected a fault in memory regarding accelerator pedal failure. I do remember occasionally losing power on a spirited run when flooring it to full revs. Then, either switching off the engine or while still on the move further...
  8. V

    Brake light fuse blows when pedal NOT pressed! (pics)

    Hi guys please help, If I keep brake pedal pressed & start engine all is fine but soon as let go of brake pedal the fuse blows, no brake lights & EPS + ASR light on! The Yellow/Black wire on brake light switch is return signal telling system pedal is Not being pressed but is shorted to...
  9. Alps

    Brand new Sports Pedal set to fit most Mercedes

    Brand new Sports Pedal set for automatic accelerator, brake and handbrake pedal as per pic below £25 + postage PM me is interested, thanks
  10. C

    Air leak noise from brake pedal

    Hi there hoping someone can help with this! Occasionally when driving a very loud air leak noise appears from the brake pedal, and this noise disappears once I press the pedal and activate the brakes. Anyone know Why would this happen? And whether it is expensive to repair. Then takes feel...
  11. T

    AMG style dead pedal

    Matches the AMG pedals perfectly with the raised rubber as the oem pedals. As new condition £25 delivered. Pictured in my car - car now sold.
  12. M

    Brake pedal travel...

    Apologies in advance for the lenghty post. Hi guys, hope someone can point me in the right direction. Car is a W212 E350 CDI 2012. The pads were due a change and the discs had some life in them but deciced to change everything in one go. Alloys needed a refurb so had them sent off. At this...
  13. J

    Brake pedal going down (red dash) - SBC low voltage

    I need help. My W211 manufactured 1-2003. Brake pedal going down and dash is red (with beep). Star gives SBC low voltage error and no brak pressuse. Both AGM batterys are new and also alternator is new. We also tested the new SBC units, same problem earlier this summer (I don't remember...
  14. DSM10000

    Creaking sound when braking / releasing brake pedal at low speed

    I have not driven the MB a great deal in the last few weeks but had noticed a creaking type of noise when applying the brake pedal gently at low speed and again on releasing it and this is now getting louder. It is a very noticeable sound in the cabin but nothing can be heard outside with the...
  15. Doodle

    Twitch through pedal under braking

    I've recently started to get a slight twitch back through the pedal on the 129, almost like a burp or hiccup from the hydraulic system. It's usually under light or moderate braking, but doesn't happen every time. The brakes seem to work perfectly well, although I notice the braking force...
  16. P

    delay with accelerator pedal

    Mercedes W204 C 180 CGI 2012 7 speed automatic, had problems with the accelerator pedal causing a delay when pulling away at low speed, mentioned it to Mercedes Benz dealer in York, no help ,so took it to Listers Mercedes at Hull , East Yorkshire, they were really good , diagnosed as the...
  17. E

    Sticky brake pedal when hot

    As above on hot days the brake pedal goes sticky. Sometimes a light squeel from wheel area can be heard. Is this a sticky caliper or something else? Can the caliper be lubricated? Any pointers appreciated! Car is W210 E300td
  18. F

    Throttle pedal...

    Just wondering what the click about an inch from foot on the floor is. Guessing a switch..but what does it do? Kick down whatever switch ? LOL
  19. F

    Throttle pedal...

    Just wondering what the click about an inch from foot on the floor is. Guessing a switch..but what does it do? Kick down whatever switch ? LOL
  20. R

    Sprinter 313 W906 Squeaky clutch Pedal??

    Just bought a 13 plate sprinter and the clutch pedal creaks and squeaks like hell. Does anyone know of a solution? I have sprayed the top of the pedal where it pivots but hasn't made a difference
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