1. BarryWhitt

    Just got these pedals from Amazon

    Not fitted yet because my car is at the detailers having a ceramic coating. Item Subtotal: £30.12 Postage & Packing: £4.75 Free Shipping: -£4.75 Total: £30.12 Click on photos to go to links
  2. G

    AMG / Sports Pedals

    Not on eBay, but on AliExpress, at very reasonable prices, and for both MB types of pedals - personally bought two sets already, first for my car, and the second one - just to use the accelerator pedal as a footrest - worked out great, and I have a spare brake pedal as a bonus. Type I...
  3. clk320x

    Where to buy facelift pedals?

    My CLK is 2003 and has the normal rubber pedals The facelifted ones have the metal style pedals like AMG. Does anyone know where I can buy these and how much they cost? Or should I try a breakers? Cheers
  4. B

    Club Pedals - X166 GL350

    Following on from this thread (yes I know it's a while ago :o) with the imminent arrival of my GL, I wonder if someone could post the link to where to buy the pedals and even the part numbers for the lit sills (do I need anything else?). Many thanks :)
  5. 5

    MB Club pedals...

    Not sure if anyone has done this for a while but would anyone have the part numbers for the MB Club pedal mod? Also does anyone know if they need to be drilled or do they fit right on? Cheers B
  6. KillerHERTZ

    OEM 'Club' Metal Pedals

    Anyone have a set of the OEM 'Club' pedals they want to sell?
  7. 300CE

    mercedes sport pedals genuine mercedes pedals sport aluminium pedals w124 w210

    Are these unusual, can't say I've seen many about?!: mercedes sport pedals genuine mercedes pedals sport aluminium pedals w124 w210 | eBay
  8. martyp87

    Aluminium pedals

    So when looking for a Merc I came across a C200K with aluminium pedals fitted to it which looked fantastic. My CLK just has the usual ones and I'm looking to upgrade them. I found this set on eBay but I'm not a fan of the AMG logo - as I don't have an AMG. I suppose a little...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    OEM Metal 'Club Pedals'

    Anyone have a set lying around they would like to flog? :)
  10. R

    "Club" Pedals??

    Go on... someone explain? have searched for a "buy" thread but can't seem to spot it? Shude?
  11. R

    Pedals upgrade

    They finally here - after going into a brief battle with MB Northampton re: correct part: they got me a replacement accelerator lever with standard pad, and tried to convince me that's what I want :wallbash: Going to fit them over the weekend :bannana:
  12. stevesey

    Garage Clearout - 202 Carbon Trim, Auto Dim RVM, Club Pedals

    Having a bit of a clearout: We have: 202 Carbon Trim - Heater Control Panel, Gearstick Sourround (4 window swicthws), Ashtray (without cig lighter), cubby hole cover. £3 a peice or £10 the lot. 202 facelift/208 Auto Dim RVM - Grey (looks fine in place of a back one on a 202. £15. Shiny...
  13. harry_dhuga

    AMG Style Pedals

    I saw these on ebay, anyone tried fitting these type of pedal kits and are they any good? Your thought's would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. P

    BR204 removing pedals

    I am fitting the new pedal assmbly for the stop and start system, does anyone have any diagrams or tips for removing the trim and pannels under the dashboard so that I can change the pedal assembly. cheers
  15. D

    AMG pedals

    I have seen what is described as genuine AMG pedals for a W203. You just remove the rubber pedals and then these go in place of the rubber ones with no screws etc.... Does anyone know if this is true or do the genuine AMG ones bolt on like the Brabus ones?????? TIA
  16. S

    Amg pedals for a/b class- good upgrade

    -Listed on ebay MERCEDES AMG STEEL PEDALS A/B CLASS on eBay (end time 02-Oct-09 19:00:55 BST) -good for performing the 'official' MB Club upgrade. Matt
  17. benny

    W202 evolution pedals,pop up cup holder and washer bottle

    W202 evolution pedals,washer bottle, sport+elegance gear knob's and more... I have said items for sale in exellent condition will split items, email me on [email protected] with offers, cheers Ben
  18. flango

    AMG type Aluminium rubber stud pedals W208 CLK Manual

    Could anyone confirm the part numbers for the above, as from what I've received so far there appears to be some discrepency and I'm worried that I might actually order the wrong thing as some of the numbers I've been given might refer to a W209 and not a W208 any help or confirmation would be...
  19. bobby

    W202 Upgrade pedals wanted

    You know the type - The steel and rubber pedals - I've also seen them referred to as Mercedes Club Pedals. Want a set that covers Accelerator, Brake and Parking brake (3 pcs) Many Thanks
  20. DSLiverpool

    Obligatory pedals - Cheaper Cheaper than a dealer
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