1. S

    HELP: 2014 E63S Brake Caliper Lacquer Peel

    Gents, I have a 6 week old (to me) E63S Wagon which I have been enjoying. A week or two ago I spotted some lacquer peel on the nearside front performance calipers (red ones), thought "oh bugger, I'll get that relacquered ASAP". Just been out to check on it and the other to find that...
  2. M

    Orange peel

    Hi guys , I have a new c class , 2 weeks old . Car is completely covered in severe orange peel , you don't even have to look closely to see it . Having very little satisfaction so far from the dealer . Would appreciate if anyone out there who has had a similar situation could let me know how...
  3. kam05

    Lacquer peel on W204 C Class - not red!

    Hi all I need some advice please. I have noticed some lacquer peel on the front drivers side wing and bumper. The car is a W204 C220CDi Sport on a 57 plate. I know of lacquer/paint issues on the red W204's. My car was recently in the local MB dealer for an MOT and it looks like they have been...
  4. uumode

    Brand new Mercedes and orange peel

    From my observations of cars in showrooms, it seems most new Mercedes Benz come standard with fairly high levels of orange peel paintwork - even S Classes. The AMG GT on the other hand didn't have orange peel. Here are some cars in the showroom, observe the grainy reflection on the...
  5. D

    r129 roof front seal peel and re-seal?

    Hi, I recently acquired a panoramic roof. The front seal is not attached correctly (45 in diagram) and I want to re attach it - is there a diy available for this? I have WIS/ASRA which has various diys but not for this front seal I don't think. I have been searching the internet for a while...
  6. M

    CarPro Orange Peel Removal Pad-Denim

    Got sent these from carpro last week to test, Orange Peel Removal Pad - Denim (6") - So borrowed a an F150 Aluminium bonnet from my bodyshop, washed it with zero grade wire wool (Need to make it a task:) I then clayed the boonet and gave it a full IPA wipedown, and was...
  7. del320

    Show us yer orange peel!

    Thought of putting this in the gardening section - but there isn't one. Thought of putting it in the Detailing section - but it's not. Simply gave the car its first good clean of the year and thought it looked rather good. It's almost three years since the refurb and I've now got an enviable...
  8. ringway

    Orange Peel Paint. Yes or No?

    On a recent visit to a Mercedes Dealership I noticed the paint finish on this black 250CDI. The pictures show a shiny finish to the paintwork, but the "Orange Peel" ripples would cause me to reject the car. If the ripple finish was evident after an accident repair I would assume that the work...
  9. HughJarse

    Orange Peel

    Hi , Ive had to have a bit of paint doing due to a knock on rear wing. When I have the car back the varnish as a very slight orange peel effect to it - Im told its the varnish and not the paint. Can this be fixed - its ever so slight, if so what do I do? Cheers in advance guys.
  10. pammy

    John Peel

    Sad Sad news and so unbelievable. Enjoy your music John. :rock:
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