1. brucemillar

    Pen Pal help please.

    Folks My Daughter would like to have a German or Norwegian Pen Pal. Molly is 15 and studying at GCSE's in Kent, here in the UK. Please could you PM me with any interest. Thank you. Bruce & Molly
  2. GLK

    FOR SALE: Montblanc Meisterstück Classique 144 Fountain Pen

    Anyone else into Montblanc pens? :D I have one for sale - Montblanc Meisterstück 144 Classique Fountain Pen - bought it for my wife about 20 yrs ago, but it was probably used only a few times. Regularly cleaned and serviced, as all my Monblancs are. Excellent two-tone, 14K gold, M-size...
  3. mbenz1977

    Silver tartan sonnet by Parker. Roller ball Pen £170

    Boxed as new no marks or scratches never been used.
  4. M

    Mercedes Touch up pen

    Are they any good? Some ***** has opened their door against mine or given it a whack with a trolley, it has chipped the paint a good few layers down...
  5. L

    Graphic Pad with Pen

    Can anyone offer any recommendations for a graphic pad w/pen please? I have to own up and say I know nothing about them. Do they all need to be wired to a pc or are there wireless ones? What should I look for?
  6. Ciaran

    Mercedes USB pen

    Some of you may have seen these on eBay/amazon but just in case, just thought I'd show you.
  7. Bobby Dazzler

    Removing ink from a washer load of clothes and a pen

    Hmmm. A persistent phone call from Mrs D this morning. We're off on holiday on Friday, so to be helpful I put a load of washing in. I later found out it contained 10 of my best work shirts - three of which were brand new!! - and miscellaneous bits for the rest of the Dazzlers. Oh and my...
  8. High-Lo

    Anyone used a Smart Pen?

    Smart Pen - The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover/Repair on eBay (end time 07-Apr-11 10:55:34 BST) Wonder if it works or if its BS? Watch the video within the ad.
  9. O

    Touch Up Pen

    I have a one year old C Class in Iridium Silver. Since all cars will eventually get some stone chips ot scratches. Is it worth buying a official Mercedes touch up pen? Or is it just better to wait til theres alot and get it all done professionally at a bodyshop? I imagine the official Merc...
  10. Gucci

    Complimentary Mercedes pen falls apart

    Title says it ironic. Have been using it at work, collegues saying 'oooh, flash a Mercedes pen' ....then it promptly sprung open and is now SORN Brilliant.
  11. glojo

    Pen that writes in Space

    I can just see everyone saying how this is one of those myth type statements where the US spent millions of dollars and the Russians used a pencil But....................................... My bank have sent me a pen for Christmas, Guaranteed to work in freezing cold, the boiling heat...
  12. wobbly

    Remove marker pen.

    What would be the best product to remove marker pen from plastic. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. R

    Mercedes Pen

    You guys n gals will just love these. About 12. squid from across the pond. It comes with light blue ink but you can get a real Cross refil in black for 1.89 from your local office supplys. Mercedes-Benz Black CROSS-style Pen
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