1. knighterrant

    Penalty for 154mph on A11? Bearing in mind that the 21 year old driver said that nothing was going through his mind at the time he was caught doing this speed, does the penalty fit the...
  2. developer

    British Woman Faces Death Penalty

    For smuggling £1.6m worth of cocaine into Bali............... And the problem is :dk:
  3. Palfrem

    MPs to debate death penalty?

    BBC News - MPs 'cannot ignore debating death penalty e-petition' In the light of our MPs possibly reconsidering the return of the death penalty - I was wondering were we stand on here?
  4. Sp!ke

    New speeding penalty

    Outside my workplace this afternoon the police were hiding armed with a radar gun as they do on occasion. However this time there was a new twist to the proceedings. Since such a high number of cars were doing over 38mph on this particular 30mph zone, the police were giving drivers two...
  5. AMGeed

    Insurance and penalty points

    Last weekend I spend a couple of hours on all the comparison websites, Directline, A Flux, and one or two other companies getting a quote for my old '98 E280. Last year, Saga charged me £163 fully comp, protected NCB with the wife as named driver. This year that had gone up to £239. After a...
  6. F

    Fixed Penalty Point Query

    Hi, My partner was pulled over today by a Police car and was issued a fixed penalty ticket (3 points and £60 fine) for going through a red light. The car she was driving is registered to myself but she has an insurance policy under her own name on the vehicle. So the Police officer that...
  7. ShinyF1

    Penalty Charge Notice advice

    I have received a PCN in the post for being stopped on a taxi rank on a certain date in a certain street. Didn't ring any bells so have requested opportunity to view the evidence. A page of photographs has arrived today showing my car on the correct day exiting a side road, crossing a...
  8. Timster

    Fixed Penalty Points - How Long??

    I received 3 penalty points for speeding (SP 30) on 3.3.06. How long is it until they are spent? Being as it was over 3 years ago, is my license now clean again? cheers. Tim
  9. ibrar

    Penalty points

    Hey guys, Sorry if there are similar threads to this (but i have searched to no avail), anywho I was wondering how many years it takes for penalty points on one's license, to clear?? Thanks in advance and thanks to those that helped me in my search for a digital camera :)
  10. D

    Penalty for not updating Driving Licence

    I was pulled over by two police men on my own yesterday & accused of something that i i felt i did not do. I was then issued with 3 points & a 60 quid fine, & a producer at the station for MOT,Insurance,Driving Licence, to be done in 7 days..... Trouble with the above is, I moved house about...
  11. crockers

    Using a telephone whilst driving carries more than a £60 / 3 point penalty

    Just read in autoexpress that according to the AA insures take a dim view if you are convicted of using a mobile whilst in charge of a vehicle - many will load the premium and one company will not offer cover. Do you think that is overkill being punished twice or do you agree with that..:rock:
  12. D

    no mot, out by 3 days fixed penalty help!!!

    Hi i was driving the other day and was pulled over for the way my car looked, saxo vtr (big stupid exhuast etc) they asked me the usual, where you goin, lookin at the people in my car blah blah spent 10 mins looking around the car and found nothing wrong, gave me one of those things where you...
  13. H

    Should I take the fixed penalty

    This morning I went through a red? amber? light at a junction. Traffic cops were the second car at the junction wating for the green light so they could turn right. They said it was red, I said it was amber. They were not behind me so how could they tell? They issued me with a fixed penalty...
  14. J

    Fixed Penalty, could not produce, 12 months later am I in the clear?

    As the heading, was pulled over on the motorway mid October last year, was issued with a fixed penalty notice. I paid the fine and went to produce but could not find my photocard (I had the paper bit). They marked it as if I had not produced and said I will be issued with a court summons...
  15. C

    3 penalty points!

    Former Eastenders star Dean Gaffney escaped a driving ban today after he was caught on the M25 in roadworks doing nearly 100mph and talking on a mobile. Gaffney, 29 from Great Bookham, Surrey, was given a £115 fine, £43 costs and 3 penalty points by Guildford Magistrates' Court, but he didn't...
  16. glojo

    Using a mobile now gets 3 penalty points

    I have no problem with this legislation, but does it then give the impression that it is okay to use a CB or amateur radio whilst driving? (Holding, or using a microphone) Likewise is it okay to program any type of GPS whilst driving? Then we start looking at Tuning a radio, Replacing a...
  17. PJH

    Penalty points, the luck of the Irish

    Penalty points accumalated in NI are not recorded in GB.
  18. F

    Penalty Points and Insurance Premiums

    In the past I was told by Insurance company staff/brokers that fixed penalty points for i.e. SP30 three points would not affect or bump up a premium but any more than six and you would be in trouble. Insured my Dad on my renewal policy last night (he has picked up 3 points) and premium by...
  19. R

    Poll: Penalty points - do you know anyone who has taken others points for them ?

    OK, following the speed camera thread, and the chap that got jailed in Manchester for perverting the cause of justice for lying on the speeding ticket form Heres a poll - how many people do you know that have taken points on their licence for a friend/partner/spouse/money. I think its very...
  20. F

    Penalty Points query...

    Quick question – If a vehicle has a slight over hanging load – i.e. some timber hanging out of the rear door (but by a small amount) on a van then is that a penalty endorseable offence of 3 points as well as the £60 fine…?
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