1. tony gee

    have i got a pending problem ?

    c class cdi 220 w204. 2007 model. the other day after coming out of a shop i turned the key and nothing happened, so i took the key out and tried it again and it started, its been ok since. :confused:
  2. BaldGuy

    Renewal with a pending claim

    There is a pending court case going through and has been for the past 2 years.... the policy has always been renewed with the insurer as they are not sure if it will affect the claim.... my question is..... Can you change insurers and the claim will still proceed or do you have to stay with...
  3. S

    Pending owner!

    Just ordered my first ever MB - C350cdi sport - have previosly been a jaguar fan and had 4 over the last 6/7 years - then a mid life change to Civic type R / astra vxr / mgf - can't wait for delivery!
  4. S

    W140 S-Class - pending purchase

    Hi all Have seen a 1996 W140 S500 that is most likely going to reside at Chataeux James by this time next week. However, I thought I would just throw it up here in case there was anyone who was going to say "Oh no, if only I had known, I was thinking of getting rid of mine" So.....anyone...
  5. B

    Service Plus pending application

    Has anyone with 'Service Plus' application pending following decision to suspend scheme heard anything regarding their application? As 14.04.2008 has now passed and was believed to be start date for replacement scheme. I still have received no information regarding my application on which is...
  6. L

    Sad and happy day, car change pending

    Well the issues that I thought may arrise with using the Smart as my 60 odd mile a day commuter have come home to roost. On doing a compression test today cyl 1 12psi, cyl 3 9psi, cyl 2 4psi:eek: So rebuild would be required. well after a chat it was back out looking at cars (again) and...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    PayPal Payment Pending

    Just got back from Folks (xmas break) and this was in my inbox: You Have a Payment Pending. Dear Karl Edwards, This email confirms that Matthew xxxxxxx has sent £125.00 GBP to your Personal account. To accept or refuse this payment, log in to the PayPal website and click the Accept...
  8. A

    pending fuel protest?

    From the Annie's internal news network..................... Friday 22 April 2005 12:01pm Fuel protesters in poll threat Fuel tax protesters have threatened to disrupt the General Election with direct action including refinery blockades and go-slows on major routes. Farmer and...
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