1. johnsco

    Penetrating oil

    Having used Plus Gas and WD40 over many years, I wonder what other forum users recommend as the "best" penetrating oil. I know that WD40 is not primarily a penetrating oil, but it does work for many common applications. Also, my Dad used to be the European Distribution Manager for WD40 when it...
  2. grober

    penetrating oil!

    Came across this new product. Its called AMBERSIL RUST FLASH! see for a detailed description. Uses a combination of freezing and penetrating fluid to free rusted metal fasteners. Anyone used it yet? Anything that prevents "skinned knuckle...
  3. Satch

    Penetrating oil

    Well, it is an oily/engine question! Need to shift some well rusted bolts holding the starter motor on an old car. These will not have seen a spanner for 20 years. Suggested to me that a product called "Kroil" is about the best but it seems to be hard to get in the UK. I have the...
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