1. N

    Workplace Pensions - anybody knowledgeable?

    My daughter works part time as a gymnastics coach during summer & term breaks from Uni. The gym owners want her to register with HMRC as self employed so they do not have to make pension contributions. She works for one gym in one location at hours set by the gym, which doesn't sound like...
  2. markjay

    Workplace Pensions query

    ....NOW:Pensions, or NEST? (As an employer). Your opinion please :)
  3. Palfrem

    Another pensions poser

    Queen's speech unveils powers given to workers to set up pooled 'mega pensions' | Mail Online Sorry it's the DM but... Am I missing something here. Pooled pension contributions. Isn't that what we used to call "paying into NI" and the State Pension after 40 years? Is someone taking...
  4. 230K

    Any Pensions experts on here???

    Hi As the title any pension experts on here that could give me a heads up on my current situation. Basically I joined our company final salary non-contributory pension scheme in 1995, everything was fine until 2003 when I was asked to contribute 6% to retire at 60, if i didn't my normal...
  5. Palfrem

    Preseserved company pensions

    Does anyone know if the old employer has to send out an automatic annual statement of benefits as per "live" schemes? I have just enquired of my old employer (of some 20 years) about not having recieved a pension update since 2008 and was told I must submit a request in writing. Any ideas...
  6. S

    Pensions advice

    Hi Folks.... I am somewhat stuck in an odd position. I used to work for National Australia Group and had a pension there. I subsequently moved to Tesco who operates a final salary scheme :D:D. However I cannot transfer into the Tesco scheme. The issue I face is that because I worked at NAG...
  7. Satch

    Another Pensions blow

    Over lunch I was bemoaning how many of those still lucky enough to be in a defined benefit (i.e. Final Salary) pension scheme (which include those higher earners in the Public Sector BTW) may to forced to exit the scheme on pure economic grounds next April. Met with puzzled faces and "that...
  8. Mactech

    Luxury cars -v- pensions

    It is widely understood that a modern luxury car is financially just a huge money pit. Yesterday a got a statement from one of the companies I hope one day to have a pension from. This particular small fund has shrunk from £31k to £25k since Christmas.:( During the same period Glass’s guide...
  9. Ade B

    property + pensions

    Slightly random thought here but does anyone have experience of a company purchasing working premises and then 'leasing' it back via a pension scheme for directors.. Something I've heard about but have no knowledge of. TIA Ade
  10. Satch

    Department of Work & Pensions: accidental XP upgrade rollout knackers 60,000 PC's

    Another triumph for EDS. DWP kills 60k+ PCs in Windows XP upgrade lash-up By John Lettice Published Friday 26th November 2004 09:30 GMT Most of the desktop computers in the UK's Department for Work and Pensions have been paralysed since Monday, when a failed upgrade took them offline...
  11. Andy W

    Pensions advice required

    First off I do not trust pension advisers or financial advisers, my query is I have two pensions and currently paying £160 per month, now with all the problems with interest rates etc I am now thinking That my pension will be worth less than I have paid in, so should I freeze it instead of...
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