1. P

    Penta standard wheel bolts and locking bolts.

    I would like to ask if anyone could answer two questions, please ? [1] What is the standard length, thread pitch, etc. for a normal W126 wheel bolt that is used for the Mexican Hat and Penta alloy wheels. I am trying to find a new set of bolts to replace the slightly grubby ones that are on my...
  2. L

    16" Penta wheel value?

    I've got a set of 4 AMG Penta 6½J16H2 - they appear to be genuine made-in-germany (marked AMG on the outside, ATS and Made in Germany inside) They're not in super condition, in particular they've been resprayed not all that well. Quite usable and AFAIK all straight and true (no vibes except...
  3. gunning

    16" 8j AMG PENTA wheels with tyres FOR SALE

    Found these laying in my garage. Fully polished wheel (not bad condition but could do with a few hours of polishing to bring up to mint) which I don't have the time for. Set of 4 wheels and tyres Et11 8j wide 16" Full set of 225/55/16 kumho a with good tread all around I was looking for £550
  4. R

    Penta AMG Wheels

    Hi, I would like some info from the more experienced please, I have a set of supposedly AMG Penta wheels, but before I put them up for sale I wish to know if they are genuine, as it appears that they seem to fetch a decent amount of money and it is not my intention to fleece someone if they...
  5. d w124

    Penta alloys

    Hard to find for w124 in 16s mercedes amg alloy wheels | eBay
  6. S

    16" 8J Penta alloys

    Good evening lads. I own a set of genuine Pentas since 2013 as I purchased the car associated with them. They were new when bought, but due to an unknown reason the owner left the car to slowly decade for over 12 years. Two of them have some water ingress, as the car was sunk in the...
  7. nick mercedes

    return of the penta

    Penta Wheels - The "official legendary wheel"
  8. Skhan

    Penta alloys wanted

    Hi guys, does anyone have a set of 16" Pentas (must be the ones made by ATS) for a w126? Would preferably swap a set of 18" original AMG monoblocks in good condition with good tyres, w124 fitment if anyone wants to deal?
  9. d w124

    Split penta's

    :cool: PENTA AMG BRABUS P157 3TLG 16 INCH 9/8 MADE IN BRITAN bbs rs barock barok oz | eBay
  10. 24karrat

    New tyres for Penta

    This morning, had a set of 4 x Falken Ziex ZE914 225/50/16 on my AMG 16 penta they will be going on my SEL ready for summer , £357 including fitting to your door,not bad, thread pattern looks nice to. A lot of people are not aware of this but the premium, mid range tyres have 6mm sips ,(slits...
  11. A

    Penta Alloys

    Firstly a big Hello to everyone on the forum. I have just joined after buying a 1979 R107 350SL. I am based in Kenya and hence need to be sure of what will fit the 350SL before bringing it down from the UK (As nothing is available locally). I am looking at getting the Five Spoke AMG Penta style...
  12. babyblueCE

    Original Mercedes AMG,Penta!! If Only!!!!

    Alloy Wheels Original Mercedes W129 (AMG,Penta) TOP Hochglanzverdichten | eBay
  13. 300CE

    Mercedes Penta's

    No idea what these are worth or if they're any good for anyone - spotted em' whilst searching for a T25: Preloved | penta mercedes, vw alloys for sale in Manchester, Greater Manchester, UK
  14. lordlee

    AMG Penta's

    Mercedes AMG Penta Alloy Wheels | eBay
  15. Haris

    AMG PENTA Wheels - 16x8 ET11

    Would benefit from a refurb. It's mainly the dishes which will require attention. Also have decent Falken Tyres with around 5mm. £450 + Postage OVNO.
  16. EDZ649

    Staggered 16 X 9 Penta's

    RONAL R9 Alloy Wheels AMG Penta 16x9 deepdish 5x112 | eBay
  17. smillion

    Penta widebody rims for anyone?

    Thought these may be of interest to some: 16" AMG PENTA WIDEBODY W126 SEC SEL SL MERCEDES 9"+10" on eBay (end time 29-Jul-11 00:40:41 BST) Marc
  18. sanj517

    Penta - Alloy Wheels

    Hi, Want to to refurbish 16 inch Penta Wheels (X4) fitted to a W126 -420 SE, does anybody recommend anyone that will do a job that will last and what would be the cost? Rgds
  19. carat 3.6

    16'' Penta alloys on w124 wrong offset?

    Guy's I like the look of the 16'' amg penta type alloy wheels but they all seem to be the wrong offset, et11. Will they stick out from the arch of a standard w124?
  20. EDZ649

    Penta centre caps

    Having just bought a set of Penta's for the 116, which I thought had all the caps, it turns out that one is missing:doh: Therefore if anyone has a set of the standard type caps i.e. with the three pointed star, not the AMG ones please let me know. Thanks.
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