1. S


    I am in my 30s every group I join all I see in the group are just older people and I see no one in their 30s there and when I join other groups it is still the same thing with people in their 50s and 60s and nobody in their 30s there. It seems people in their 30s don't join social groups. Why...
  2. RickyBurrows

    Show off what you got people

    OK so post your car/cars up write a description if you like let's see what you all got :-)
  3. whitenemesis

    Just What on Earth are These People On???

    Phones, vodka, drugs???? Truly unbelievable :eek: [YOUTUBE HD]EihcNGBAktI[/YOUTUBE HD]
  4. R

    What do people think of this E Class??

    One im considering... Will I find it boring compared to the V6 diesel I had in my CLK? Looks a lovely car.... Whats the performance like? Used Mercedes-benz E Class Saloon 2.1 E220 Cdi Amg Sport 7g-tronic Plus 4dr in Accrington, Lancashire | R&S Performance
  5. Cymruambyth

    People are so dumb.

    Just removed the awful plate holders and metal pressed plates and found some numpty has just drilled the front one into the bumper, making a right mess. Going to have to be a Chipsaway repair I reckon. I`ve "touched up" for now till I can get it done properly!!
  6. ftb

    Why do people change cars so often?

    As the title really. I tend to get at least a few years worth before I think of changing. Others don't even last a year. Given the whole business of selling/buying, what's the point of changing cars soon? Other than circumstances etc. What's your view on this? Just seen an ad by a member on...
  7. D

    There's some reet nice people around

    Last Saturday I spotted a scooter on eBay for Mrs Ant as her existing one is 7 years old and a little tired. Judging by the listing and pics it was obvious that the scooter was as good as new. I messaged the guy to ask postcode. 161 miles to Doncaster. To cut a long story short we ended up...
  8. A

    All the people come from

    Car gets hit by lightning and people come out of the wood work lol Bet their was a few soiled knickers :p
  9. brucemillar

    Car Modifications lead to the death of two you people.

    This is very sad indeed. Modifications to car 'led to the deaths of two young people' - BBC News
  10. D

    Why are some people so thick?

    *Before reading, this is a simple rant of frustration and not an exact science* As usual I've been tasked with finding a family member a car, so been in touch with a few and ended up with this caper: Family member bought a car as in inbetweener that cost about £700 six week ago instead of...
  11. R

    Which should I buy people??

    Mercedes-Benz E Class 3.0 E280 CDI Sport 7G-Tronic 4dr Mercedes-Benz CLK 5.4 CLK55 AMG 2dr Im torn over which to go for. Both totally different i Know but iv always wanted both. The AMG is a beauty and the E280 is a nice cruiser. I do on average 100 miles a week maximum. Insurance...
  12. R

    People with guns running round Belfast...

    ...wasn't the season finale of Line of Duty just first class?
  13. grober

    James May Cars of the People.

    On tonight James May's second three parter on CARS OF THE PEOPLE BBC2 9PM TV Pick of the Day: James May's Cars of the People (BBC2), January 24 | Western Morning News
  14. Ajay Bhatoa

    What MPG are people getting?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum! Took delivery of my 63 plate C220 CDI Auto AMG Sport Plus Coupe a couple of weeks ago.. The car is beautiful with its panoramic glass roof! I just wanted to know what MPG people are getting on theirs? I filled up today and reset the trip.. I've driven 17...
  15. SpoonJar

    **** you, why won't you listen older people social groups over 50

    only joking :D
  16. flying haggis

    some people have too much time on there hands
  17. KennyN

    Some people :

    My son was taking a driving lesson yesterday and was involved in his first bout of road rage. Sitting third in line behind a large van turning right in busy traffic , the van wasnt moving quick enough for the two cars infront of him who mounted the pavement and went round the inside and away...
  18. P

    Guns dont kill people, Americans do... Discuss

    140 school shootings in the 3 years since Sandyhook. Another one today... Thoughts .......
  19. Tim203

    Funny things people come out with.

    Couldn't class this as a joke as it's something a work mate said in a restaurant years ago and still makes me laugh: After an arduous Saturday at work he went to a restaurant with some friends for a meal. Being hungry he fancies a steak and the young waitress came over to take their orders. When...
  20. M

    Mercedes GLK trying to run over people stopped by an excavator – Video

    From the article: On the morning of August 28 2015 at Nanning Xingning District a large chicken village some people where dressed in black uniforms to carry out the demolition. Photos and video - Mercedes GLK trying to run over people stopped by an excavator .
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