1. Sp!ke

    OT: Some people will buy anything Even more funny....look at the sellers other items :D
  2. WLeg

    ML - Airbags and Little People

    Now that we have sold the CE220, we are thinking about an ML...she wants 320, I'm after a 500, but that's another argument... Why ? Because my C250 is the commuter wagon (Herts - London), and she needs something BIG for the next little one (in 5 months, but will take that long to get used...
  3. Koolvin

    Typical Insurance bloomin people....

    Got a letter this morning, The other insurers are disputing liability and now I have to write a little report and draw a sketch... They are also asking for any witness details.... all I had was a passenger... Looks like this is going to be a difficult claim because a lane change was...
  4. scotth_uk

    OT - The things people sell on ebay!

    Oh my. A bucket of Bristol tap water sold for £117. Click Me!
  5. P

    What sort of people drive a Merc ?

    I'm always getting stick from my mates because they think a merc is an old mans car. I was just wondering about others that drive a Merc. What sort of people visit this forum for instance ? Age, married, occupation etc ? For instance, for me Age = 35 Married, no children IT consultant...
  6. Ian B Walker

    Helpful people

    Aletank has just offered to assist with a problem. To anyone new to this group this is what it is all about. Good, friendly, helpful people with a sense of humour. As I said to him, it just makes you feel like you want to help others in any capacity. THIS GROUP ROCKS:rock: :rock: :rock...
  7. simonl

    Some people really shouldn't be driving

    Just witnessed what could've turned out very nasty: Travelling along a 40mph divided dual carriageway. v old OAP (fag in mouth and very clueless expression on face) pulls out of bus bay ahead and turns into lane 2 facing the oncoming traffic :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: Presumably he thought...
  8. Koolvin

    for the people whoasked me about the chrome rings:

    sorry about crappy quality images:
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