1. M

    Diesel perfume ad featuring a 500sec convertible

    Just saw this ad on channel 4 and wondered whether the director picked this car for a reason as it's a fairly unusual conversion. Looks good as well!
  2. kit17

    Perfumes For Sale

    Mrs Kit17 is having another clear out of her massive:doh: perfume collection. All bottles have been stored in a cool draw away from heat and sunlight. Low start prices! lyndsey12 | eBay
  3. Druk


    Fed-up with all the perfume adverts on the telly at christmas? :ban: Givenchy par ninni-ricci...Guchi by Guchi..or..Giorgio Armani etc etc. I've come up with one of my own. Wonder if it'll sell? :bannana::bannana: .
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Venezia perfume by Laura Biagiotti - can you help?

    Mrs D loves this stuff, but it's become pretty much impossible to track down in recent times as it's been discontinued. Pops up on ebay occasionally, but most often part used or teeny-weeny miniature sample/tester sizes. If you should come across some during the obligatory perfume shopping...
  5. PJH

    Ladies beware - perfume scam

    Wifey has received an e-mail from friends warning of a perfume scam that is going around. Scene:- Woman is approached in an open place near her car eg Petrol station, car park .... She is asked what perfume she wears and then asked if she would like to try/buy a new brand. The 'seller'...
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