1. grober

    The perils of speeding? [YOUTUBE HD]a_XEqPE0pG0[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. The _Don

    Apple Ios 7

    Ios 7 is ready to download.
  3. D

    The perils of buying a headunit from ebay

    I bought a multimedia headunit off ebay. Looked okay in the pictures. Described as fully functioning. Cautious me arranged to have the headunit tested at an ice workshop near the seller's location in the presence of buyer and seller. Well Well; the tuner only increased in increments of 0.2mhz...
  4. M

    The perils of overtly large numbers of retrofits

    You may remember me from such posts as "I installed thermotronic, not just the display". I have in fact been modifying my car on and off since it ran out of warranty. And what I learned from all of that is that these cars are quite amazing to work on. For a while there I had a hybrid of...
  5. Satch

    Perils of the mid life crisis

    Not me I hasten to add but a friend who turned up yesterday in in a Lotus Exige having disposed of his previous quick but quite sane Audi. Although the yellow/white is a bit questionable it looks OK and is a special edition with sports pack, touring pack, performance pack and aircon. 243bhp...
  6. Timster

    The perils of driving old Mercs!

    An interesting series of events, which I thought I'd share with you. After taking the dog for a walk, got back into the '87 W124, reversed out of the parking space, engaged first gear and "Bang!" Driveshaft gone, so no forward momentum, although the speedometer informs me I'm doing about 20...
  7. Satch

    The perils of camping

    And people in this country moan about hungry foxes sniffing round their tents.......
  8. Satch

    The perils of SatNav

    Dear oh dear......
  9. M

    Engine LOOMs (perils of a pitstop boy)

    Got to replace the wireing loom on my engine.. Just a little V12 Getting one from my LOCAL Stealer at £328.00 very Unreasonable I think Car is ticking over like a tractor and misses and pops when in gear.. Anyone ever done it before?? what problems should I expect.. any...
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