1. F

    Period correct style Stereo for R107

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum so hello to everyone! I would like a Becker or Continental stereo to better suit the interior of my 1989 R107 300SL. (These Kenwoods are a bit naff) Can someone point me in the right direction? I'd like one with ipod connectivity and DAB. Easy to fit...
  2. sparkynw

    Running in period....

    Hi all, I am 600 miles in on my cla45 and I'm resisting sport + just about! I've read a lot about the need to baby the car for the first 1k but as there's no run in oil to change and the things are so well engineered I'm curious as to why so many miles are necessary to 'bed' things in? Ok the...
  3. John Jones Jr

    Period Stereos

    This site maybe or some interest to those with older M-B's. Mercedes E-Klasse W124 MP3 Autoradios -
  4. K

    Sat Nav updates for a car that never had them during the 3 year free period?!

    Hi All, am fairly new to the forum and to forums in general so hope me not finding the answer when i looked wasn't me looking in the wrong place! I have today bought a w204 facelift 2011 c220 CDI and the maps for the sat nav are v.4 2011, it seems they were never updated. The car has had...
  5. poormansporsche

    I like period Recaro's as much as the next man .....

    But 5 Bags !!! Blimey original Recaro Works rally bucket seat 1970/80's Porsche Escort Talbot sunbeam | eBay :eek:
  6. brucemillar

    Period Radio - Wanted

    Folks Can anybody tell me what Radio my 124 300TE 4Matic would have come with with (approx) in 1985? Does anybody have one for sale or know who does?
  7. R

    Which period headunit to choose?

    I decided to get rid of the Alpine headunit that came with my 1999 SL. A contact has a few units in stock and I wanted to get your opinions on which is the one to go for. I want one with navigation, I probably won't use it much but its so damn cool on an older car. My options are: Mercedes APS...
  8. J

    Period Correct Tyres

    Can anyone tell me which period correct tyres I should fit to my 1985 280 SL? Thanks
  9. 4

    Period Phone

    Hi, I have a period phone in my W126. I have powered it up and it appears to work. Does anyone know if its possible to convert to modern digital signals, and who does this (in the North west). Cheers,
  10. ItalianTuneUp

    Flooded roads over Christmas period

    In the interests of being aware of flooded roads this Christmas, could people list the road sections here and the day/time they encountered them?
  11. Niks

    Period AMG Badge

    Period AMG Badge £50 Cash
  12. Telebass

    Impressions after first period of ownership.

    Bought my first MB, an S211 E320 CDI, in February this year. Ha\ve already racked up over 4000 miles! 1) Solid as a rock. Impressed by build quality. 2) Not as comfortable seat-wise as my previous car - MkII Renault Laguna. 3) Some niggly faults to fix, which, looking back, probably contributed...
  13. C

    Wanted period SEC wheels, pref Penta/Zender

    Hi all - first post despite being a 5 year old member! After some wheels for my 560SEC Zender, I currently have 17" amg wheels from a 90s vehicle which I'd consider a px on? Based in Leicester but happy to travel! Any offers? Thanks :)
  14. R

    Best way to leave car idle for long-ish period of time?

    I'll have to leave my car (A160 W168) for just over 10 weeks, and while I can arrange for someone to run the engine for 10min while stationary, say once or twice a week, no one will be driving it. Now the question is: what would be the best way to deal with the situation: 1. Have the engine...
  15. M

    Period number plate tales

    As there seems to be considerable interest amongst members in personal number plates, I thought I'd start a thread to relate some of the stories behind the acquisition of various plates in the days before you were able to just pick up a copy of the Sunday Times or do an online search. Here's a...
  16. Aletank

    Buying A Car After A Lease Period ?

    If you get a car on lease for 2/3 years etc , Do you have the option to buy the car at the end of the lease period ? If so what price is this normally at ? eg Trade etc ;)
  17. M

    Are these the coorect period AMG's...?

    For my '94 coupe? Link If so what should I be paying for them (getting them from Germany is no problem) and can I get a set from someone in the UK? cheers
  18. D

    c320cdi Running in period

    Hi ALL Hopefully next week i will be taking delivery of my new c class 320 cdi sport and i was wondering what the runing in period is on this car ... i have heard it is 1000 miles is this right ? And can anyone tell me is there any sorts of insurances worth taking from mercedes i.e tyre...
  19. Dieselman

    The longest MOT period.

    Just Mot'd the old bus and have the longest certificate possible...a full 13 months...:bannana: :rock: One advisory though...front brake pads yep, about 2/3rds...about 6mm left and no lights on. A bit keen there me thinks..
  20. Bobby Dazzler

    Longest period without eating?

    Another thread which strayed on to Harvester Restaurants got me thinking... I only ate one meal on Saturday, shortly after which I discovered I had either a bug or food poisoning, so the last meal I ate was on Friday tea time, which is almost five days ago. Since then I tried to eat a...
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