1. markjay

    Permanent 12V power source for mobile phone charger

    Looking for a convenient 12V source on the driver's side of the dashboard. Sadly on my 2013 W204 the driver-side fusebox is no longer there... There's the light switch, and it's accessible, but is it a good idea to tap into the wires? Any help or advice offered will be greatly appreciated :)
  2. developer

    A Permanent Badge Fixing Solution- Advice Req'd

    So I've bought an genuine AMG grill badge (thanks Phil) :thumb:, as per photo one - was it an expensive bit of plastic? - don't ask :crazy:. Photo One It fixes to the black plastic strip in between the silver "blades" shown in photo two, using two self tapping screws, driven through the strip...
  3. J

    Illuminated star installation permanent 2nd gen

    Hi all! So ive ordered some parts from mercteil for an illuminated star and wiring.. that will be permanently on while driving.. i live in the london fyi.. I have the e250 coupe cdi pre face lift, can anyone confirm the part numbers? Has anyone fit one of these on? I would appreciate...
  4. M

    GLE kmh permanent display

    Hi all I'm new to the forum as I've just acquired a new GLE Sport with premium package. Great car but I really don't need kmh displayed all the time. I've read that the dealer may be able to change this display so that something more useful can be shown such as mph or outside...
  5. S

    S212 permanent live feed

    Can anyone tell me where is the best place around the front glove box to take a permanent live from please a diagram would be helpful?
  6. B

    Looking for permanent 12v feed from Comand w203 c55

    Hi. Today I needed to find a permanent 12v feed for an accessory in my car. So I stripped everything out that I needed to in order to remove the head unit. Using my multimeter, I found a 12v feed on the back which was red with a stripe. Used it and put everything back together again. However, it...
  7. Timster

    S211 - Making rear 12 Socket permanent live

    Hi. I know you can switch fuse 54 under the bonnet to make the front 12v socket permanantly live, but is there a way of making the boot socket permanantly live? CHeers! Tim.
  8. developer

    Dashcam - switched and permanent live

    I've bought a dashcam with a hardwire kit. On an E Class 212, where can I pick up power for either switched (ignition on activated) or permanent live? There's a motion detector (with battery protection) which would enable a permanent live to be used. What about the interior light...
  9. omega1

    W204 Permanent (unswitched) 12v supply for head end stereo

    Hi all, I am looking for the nearest permanent/unswitched 12v source for an aftermarket head end audio unit. The device I have requires a permanent 12v source as well as a switched feed. I have tried the cigar lighter but it also appears to be switched. In a w204 (2010), where is the...
  10. C

    W246 Adjusting the permanent multifunction display

    Hello, My first post. Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I have a new W246 B180 CDI Sport. I'll list below the options that are on it's datasheet. Can anyone tell me how to change the permanent multifunction display? i.e. this one: The above photo is not my car (it's one I found on...
  11. D

    Permanent 12v + Pillar trim

    I will when the bits arrive be installing a gps mileage logger to the Mercedes. I suspect it will pay for itself in very little time, just in making me record business trips that I forget.... The tracker sits on the dash (a small 5cm black oval), and connects to power. The suppliers suggest...
  12. S

    w/s 204 facelift permanent switch power supply

    w/s 204 facelift permanent switched power supply required, anyone got any suggestions as to an easily accessible source. On previous s204 took feed from power socket in glovebox, facelift model doesnt have this so need an alternative. Supply is for speed camera detector so would prefer a source...
  13. M

    new w204 permanent display in km/hr

    Hi there, my C class 250 CDI sport has arrived, and very nice it is too! Does anyone know how you change the speed/temp display (the one where you can't display the temp in the UK):dk: to mph rather than kph. All the other instances of speed are in mph, thanks
  14. R

    W210 permanent speed limiter...

    ...I have this function on my car...but the manual says it's only available in Germany. I can set my top speed to 100, 110 or 130, or no limit. Anybody else with a facelift 210 have this...or is it just me?
  15. A

    SRS light is permanent ON

    Hi , Can you please helpme.I am having A140 elegance (2001 reg) which I recently bought.It was working ok before I sent it to local car wash for all interior cleaning. Now my car is showing SRS light permanent ON.I have checked the connection underneth the passenger seat which is ok. The car...
  16. A

    2009 W164 - Permanent TomTom mount?

    I've got a new W164 arriving shortly, and I've ordered it with the standard Audio 20 as I already have a TomTom Go 940 Live (or whatever it's called). I travel a lot and use a lot of hire cars, so prefer it this way, but I want a permanent mount with discretely "plumbed" power (i.e. no fag...
  17. lynall

    W203 best place for ign and permanent feed?

    Can anyone tell me safest place for an ign and a permanent elec feed. Ign live is to trip a power feed relay in and the perm feed is to drive the accessory max 10 amps on the perm feed, ign tiny as only trips the relay. w203 C320 2001 Ta Lynall
  18. marty359

    12v permanent supply in boot?

    I need an unswitched 12v supply in my boot rated at no more than 1 amp. In the rear fuse box theres a few spare ways and one of which ive found has a permanent supply, on the rear of the fuse box its numbered 5 and coloured green but this does'nt correspond with fuse 5 on the front.My fuse...
  19. K

    Help with a permanent +12V feed on a R230 SL

    Does anyone have access to the wiring diagram of the R230 SL? I need to get a permanent +12V feed from the wiring harness at the passenger footwell (pic below) to install a module for the vario roof. So many wires, but which one(s) do I need :confused: Help!
  20. mercmanuk

    permanent feed near dashboard on w203

    ive a very very bright blue led i want to fit on the dash of my w203 c class.i need i permanent feed and switched feed so when i remove the keys it starts to flash,i cant find a permanent feed without removing the command,can anyone help
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