1. mbsilver

    Simply stunning....but which one the car or the sales person? Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  2. Strange8

    New person!

    Hi everyone! I'm Andy from Edinburgh. I currently have a Subaru Legacy family wagon but I'm looking to upgrade asap and the c-class estate is really appealing to me! I'm either looking at the 220 or 250 sport cdi with the auto box, hopefully this forum can guide me through any trials or...
  3. M

    The Award For The Most Annoying Person Goes to?

    The muppet with Tesco 'dinging' trolley! Who's your award winner???
  4. W

    new person. but not to new, haha....

    hi ya all... im new person (to this site,) but im not a new person im 42years old, haha...if you get me little joke... so you all doing good.? i no most if not all of you have merc's of some sort, (my favourite is i think its the 280, it as very long bonnet, very short boot...
  5. Deane x

    Any kind person get me data list for my car

    Hi could a kind person get my data list for WDB2201752A184738 ...reg M6WWC thanks :thumb:
  6. developer

    Ban The Person Above You...

    Oh, I hope this works ...:cool: Okay, just remember this is in Off Topic...and isn't serious :thumb:. I saw this on one of the other forums I frequent and it was very light hearted and quite good fun - in fact, it was one of the most popular threads, currently at c900 posts. Let's see how it...
  7. DSLiverpool

    Can a nice person tell me this spec please

    Looks like we have done a deal on the E500 cab, they are not sure of the spec being a Bentley dealer but I have the reg YR10 UOX and I have the VIN but not sure I should post that publicly. Im hoping it has DAB - that's all I don't want much lol Car will cost £15 for 24 months motoring and I...
  8. grober

    Person of interest

    Anyone else watching J J Abrams [ Star Trek, Lost, Super 8] so far ---excellent Person of Interest. ?? This one slipped in under the radar but to be enjoyed in that formulaic yet addictive American Series sort of way on Tuesday nights on channel 5 at 9pm.:thumb: 68xN_BNYhc4
  9. pjs

    Aggressive/poor MB sales person

    Currently in MB dealer while car has a while you wait service. Can't fail to overhear a salesperson battering an old couple with spiel (agility v contract hire, some of it incorrect) when they are sat down trying to do a deal. Sounds like the old boy has done his homework and the salesperson is...
  10. moonloops

    What kind of person lies to get out of a speeding..

    .. ticket? German archives reveal speeding ticket for Adolf Hitler, caught driving over 40mph in 1931 | Mail Online In a merc as well :D
  11. A

    Any kind person with a spare centre cap?

    Hello Returned home from work and father in law has used wife's car and in some odd reversing manoeuvre has scuffed the side and broke the centre cap ? I've just been out to polish it and it looks better but need a new centre cap as the stars snapped off :( Thank you
  12. Schuey

    Most Senior MB Person in UK to complain to?

    Hi, Can anyone give me the name and possibly email address of the most senior person in MB UK to complain to please, I guess this will be someone in Milton Keynes? Thanks in advance.
  13. DSLiverpool

    Vin Spec Data Card - Can A Kind Person Please Advise

    WDB23047U2F063398 I want to check it has the phone wiring plus any other bits :) TIA
  14. A

    Good Sales person

    Does anyone know of a Good honest sales person that could help me find an A class 2005--2010 In the Portsmouth area
  15. W

    Senior person's mobile phone - Lidl offer

    Looking for a back-to-basics mobile phone? Big Button Mobile Phone £39.99 I'm even tempted for one myself. I'd program the emergency button to call my wife to collect me from the pub :)
  16. Pontoneer

    A fit and proper person ?

    Former motorbike champ in dock after his third fatal smash trial - The Daily Record I was somewhat dismayed on SAturday to read the story reported in one of Scotland's tabloids regarding a motorcycle dealer , and former motorcycle racing champion who has just been found guilty of dangerous...
  17. D

    Elderly person pulled out early on me!

    Commuting home from work the other evening litrally 100 metre out of my works gates, in mid flow of traffic an elderly driver pulls out of a junction & manages to pick me out denting my OSF wing smashing my indicator & scuffing my bumper. I've never had a collision before & wasn't to sure on...
  18. N

    Somebody kill this person, please.

    Prepare yourself...
  19. N

    hello, new person with a question

    hello all im after some help, i dont own a merc mysef (dad has a 1990 250d, 2003 ml270 and 2006 sprinter) but i do a landrover. i want to put in a merc diesel engine in my landrover project that im building along the lines of a sprinter 312 my question is are there any cars out there that have...
  20. crockers

    Damage to a 3rd person's car.

    Have had my granddaughter on the phone today -- in tears. Apparently she backed into a BMW - admits she was wrong. The owner has had the car inspected by BMW and they want £700+ - no damage to my granddaughters Toyota Yaris.(well minimal). He then threatens her that she has 7 days to pay or...
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