1. sgh

    DVLA Personalised Plate question

    Am in between cars at the moment (long story!) & wondered if I can buy a personalised plate from the dvla in advance of me receiving my car?
  2. L

    Personalised reg wanted

    Hi guys, Looking for a personal reg Something track/race related What you got?
  3. A

    MB63 AND Personalised Number Plate

    Cost £399 - will sell for £299. On Retention Certificate.
  4. A

    Personalised Plate - MB63 AND

    On Retention Certificate. E63 never arrived after 12 month wait so no longer need for plate! £499
  5. npuk

    Personalised Registrations

    Looking for a numberplate LL NN LLL, the new style. The letters need to be specific but the number doesnt matter. There isnt a single combination available on the DVLA. Just to clarify the plate is not LL ** LLL. It doesnt spell out a word or is something one would expect there to be demand...
  6. Borys

    My new personalised plates :)

    I just brought them. Cannot believe, exact match and 255£ with assign fee included :bannana: S500 BOR Just to check with you guys. Once certificate received, plates made only visit to DVLA to assign and I'm good to go? My first private plates so I'm a virigin ;)
  7. Noodle-Pulp

    Personalised Parking Space

    Well folks, it looks like the parking wars are finally coming to an end - my neighbour has his own personalised space now.
  8. abecketts

    W124 with a Personalised REG PLATE (MAYBACH !!!) - worth FORTUNE !!!

    MERCEDES E-Class W-124 AUTO DIESEL, ESTATE | eBay UK erm no Here we have a higher mileage, reasonable condition std merc with an optimistic owner, "barrying" Maybach out of that reg number would take some lateral thinking.
  9. Tan

    Personalised registration plates

    HI I have found a plate that fits for my mother and father in-law, and its available from the DVLA, is it better to buy direct from them or from a registration plate dealer? like Newreg or registration transfers? Regards Tan
  10. S

    DVLA prices for personalised plates

    I am wondering whether to go for a current style reg plate with "SLK" as the last 3 letters. They are all listed at £785 on the DVLA site. As someone entirely new to the world of personalised plates I was wondering if this is a bit pricey and nothing more than pure profiteering. There are plenty...
  11. Pug

    Personalised Number Plates

    So, what do people think about buying these kind of plates as an investment? I'm thinking of buying one for that reason myself. The one I'm thinking of isn't name based, it's a generic one (like Paul Daniels' MAG1C), so I'm not restricted to finding a potential future buyer with the right...
  12. mw_C32

    C63 Personalised

    In line with true MB club traditions ;) I have started to apply some modifications..... Thats the first one (including the other side) I have another one on the way and will report back soon......:D if it looks OK....:o Purchased from ebay for a mere £60 sent from Taiwan. They look...
  13. Spinal

    Personalised Plate Advice...

    So another thread has sparked my interest in a personalised plate... I've seen two I like at reasonable prices (nothing too fancy, a letter followed by 666 and my initials). This is quite suitable as I was born in the city of the beast, and I have a reputation for being a bit mischievious :p...
  14. gaz_l

    Personalised registrations..

    Not related to the other thread about number plates.. My Golf had a private plate fitted by the original owner from new. It was taken off before she sold the car to me, and now has a normal age-related number. I don't have a problem with that. However, I found myself on the DVLA website...
  15. SilverSaloon

    nice CLK personalised reg number on ebay

    M13 CLK (MB CLK)
  16. StuartB

    Why can't SatNav be personalised this way?

    Sad thought the other day....wouldn't it be great if you could buy a chip to personalise the SatNav voice in your car. For example you are a Rally enthusiast and the computer wants you to turn right in 100 yds: Standard response: Please take the first exit 100 yards ahead on right...
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